Home Celebrities #MeToo Moment?: Azealia Banks-“RZA Wanted Me To Sleep With Russell Crowe”
#MeToo Moment?: Azealia Banks-“RZA Wanted Me To Sleep With Russell Crowe”

#MeToo Moment?: Azealia Banks-“RZA Wanted Me To Sleep With Russell Crowe”


by TRN Staff Writers,

The Hollywood sex scandal continues to burn every director, producer, actor, studio that have skeleton s in their closet.  Netflix has canceled “House of Cards” after its sixth season following allegations that star Kevin Spacey molested a 14 year old boy…actors Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman and Jeremy Piven are now facing the music…and the man who started the whole scandal after women had enough of his predatory behavior Harvey Weinstein has seen his wife leave him, was booted from the company he started and could possibly be sued by some if not all of the 76 women(as of this writing) that claim to have been assaulted or raped by the movie mogul.

Now, outspoken and often misunderstood rapper Azealia Banks is adding a story to the #MeToo movement. The NY rapper is better known for her many social media disputes with other celebs than for her music.  She’s collided with everyone from Sarah Palin (who threatened to sue the rapper after she tweeted a request for “the biggest burliest blackest negroes” to “run a train on..” the former VP candidate) to current rap queen Cardi B.  About a year ago, Banks made headlines when she clashed with “Gladiator” star Russell Crowe when she claims he choked her at called her the “N-word”…








Now, in light of the Hollywood scandal, Banks seems to be adding more details  to the story that she left out initially.  Wu Tang Klan rapper RZA had invited her along to a party Crowe’s home.  Banks said at that the time RZA was trying to help her ink a music contract which is why she accompanied him.  Now Billboard Magazine is quoting Banks as saying, “RZA took me to Russell’s house like a piece of ass. Like, he took me there to f**k Russell Crowe. 100 percent.”

Here more of what Banks had to say about the Crowe /RZA incident…

RZA initially called Banks a liar and an “obnoxious erratic individual“, but weeks later supported some of Banks’ story admitting that Crowe did spit on her.  Banks isn’t accusing Crowe of sexual predatory behavior, but her friend RZA who she basically claims was trying to pimp her out.

Because of her previous vitriolic beefs with people including her fans on social media, most people blew off Banks claims as yet another tangent.  Banks has always classified herself as an activist for Black causes and women’s rights and maybe she’s rehashing this Crowe/RZA thing at the current time because  she sees how her story parallels the stories of so many women who have been used sexually to promote their careers.

What do you think….is this truly a story of a woman who was victimized by another person in power? Or is Banks just talking loud and taking advantage of the country’s current sympathetic ear for women, children and men who have been assaulted, molested and raped?