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Terrence Howard Ex Wife Says He Is Hiding His Money & She Wants It!




Some people just don’t need to be together at all, let alone the idea of marriage.  Take it from Terrence Howard and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent. They are the epitome of the Hunger Games, and from the looks of it, the odds are far from Howard’s favor.

Things have not been looking good for a while between Howard and  Ghent.  Their divorce battle has become very public and painful.

First it was the alimony issue, but now, Ghent is accusing Howard of hiding his fortune from her as well as the courts.  Because of this, now Ghent is demanding $500,000 from “The Best Man” co-star according to TMZ.

The actor’s ex-wife is proving to be relentless as she claims that Howard refused to pay that ridiculous amount of $481,715 for spousal support and legal bills.  It looks like Howard is taking too long to make a move, because now, TMZ states that Ghent wants the court to force him to pay at least part of the money.

However, as stated in regards to the spousal support, Howard is claiming that all the money he’s made from his movie success is going to his former wife of 14 years, Lori McMasters.

I really feel for Terrence Howard.  I get that spousal support is no joke, but really – $500,000?  If she wasn’t getting the $481,715, what makes her think that she’s going to get $500,000?  And what’s the deal with having to pay all that spousal support anyway? They were only married for a year before things went south.

What do you think about Terrence Howard’s situation?  On one hand, there was accusation of adultery within the marriage on Howard’s part, as well as a violent outburst and a suicide attempt between the couple.   This all being said makes a divorce likely to happen.  But as far as Ghent’s hunt for Howard’s bank account, is she being too vicious, or is she in the right?


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