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Microchips Instead Of Medicine?






If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say “One day they’ll start putting microchips in us” I’d be rich. Needless to say if all of those people got together to create these microchips they’d be rich……

CNN released an article that talks about a medical microchip study that passed in humans. A medical microchip is a pacemaker sized device that gets implanted under the skin to administer medication. The device is programmed with time and dosage information so the patient no longer has to worry taking their medication. The test study was performed at MIT and used seven women over sixty who suffer from osteoporosis. Normally they would have to get a shot which doctors agree are nerve wrecking.

This medical breakthrough is simply amazing, but if things get too far, the pharmacies may be upset! As of right now they are saying the only things they believe can be administered this way are vaccines, fertility hormones, and chemotherapy, but I am quite sure they will figure out how to use other medications. Imagine not ever having to worry about taking your medication. This would take a burden from many people but how many of us are willing to walk around with a microchip under our skin? What are the risks? According to researchers, it will be about four years until this becomes available so if you want to read more into the medical microchip visit

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