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Mike Epps: Where Comedy Meets ‘Gangsta’




Lately, Mike Epps is taking the concept of punch lines a little too seriously.

The actor/ comedian is in hot water again after  he assaulted comedian Lavar Walker outside an Atlanta comedy club. According to TMZ, Epps and two of his friends brutally assaulted Walker after Epps summoned him outside the club to “talk”. Walker told reporters, “He struck me. He struck me and the two other guys he had with him struck me, hospitalized me and beat me. All over a joke.”

In the 15- second instagram clip, Walker mocks Kevin Hart and Mike Epps. While portraying Epps, he “sniffs” a white powdery substance  and with residue  present around his nostrils  he delivers one of Epps movie lines. The insinuation is that Epps is a cocaine user and Epps didn’t find it funny.

This wouldn’t be the first time  Epps is accused of being too gangsta. He was previously involved in an altercation with comedienne Simone Shepherd who says that he punched her in the face at an “A Haunted House 2” after party downtown Los Angeles.

And who could forget  his twitter beef with superstar Kevin Hart. He called the actor “overrated” and vented about his feelings of Hart’s comedic ability on twitter. The beef was squashed but it makes us wonder, what is wrong with Mike Epps? Is there a pressure to maintain a prominent position in Hollywood? Is he frustrated from lack of work?

We have grown accustomed to a light hearted, fun loving Epps who is always smiling and giving us the funniest version of himself. But, now he’s slapping and punching comedians if he dislikes something they’ve said.

Currently, there is only eye-witness and his account of the brawl is vague. The onlooker says that they cannot confidently identify who threw the first punch or what happened. While security cameras were present, authorities have not released any more details on this situation.

Watch the comedy clip made by Lavar Walker. Do you think Walker went too far?

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