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Morris Chestnut Clears the Air Regarding Rumors About Being a Dead Beat Father




By: Evette Champion

What do you do when you’re accused of being a dead beat dad? You go on a popular radio show and clear that ish up, of course. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the sole reason Morris Chestnut visited The Breakfast Club on Monday, but the allegations that he was a deadbeat dad did come up.

The actor went on the radio show to talk about the Spring premiere of the hit FOX show, Rosewood. During the chat, Chestnut cleared up the little situation a 30-year old fellow calling himself Dante Chestnut stirred up by alleging the actor left the man’s mother and him after Chestnut’s success with Boyz n the Hood, stating that he never took care of the two.

Chestnut shared that the reason why he finally decided to come out now and discuss the allegations was because he felt like it was time. He goes on to say that “their story has been out there for a minute” but they “haven’t been giving the details.” Chestnut admitted to having slept with Dante’s mother when he was 17 years old, and he even admitted to believing that he was the boy’s father. He went on to share with The Breakfast Club that he stuck around for three years raising the boy until he learned that he wasn’t actually the father when a paternity test revealed the truth. According to Chestnut, the family was devastated (rightfully so), but he felt like he needed to get out of the situation and believed that Dante’s mother would have made things right. Unfortunately, it did not appear as such.

Although Chestnut doesn’t blame Dante for talking about the situation and feeling some type of way, he even says that he doesn’t blame the boy (well… man now), but more disappointment in Dante and places the blame in the mother.

You can watch the interview below:


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