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Move Over Dad, Blue Ivy’s Got Something to Say: Music Monday



by TRN Writers,

Boom Shaka Laka-Blue Ivy Spitting Verses  The Carters have been owning net news since June  when Momma Bey came birth to twins.  That collective sigh you heard worldwide last week was when Beyonce and hubby JayZ posted the first look at twins Rumi and Sir Carter.   But the Carters don’t want you to forget about big sis Blue Ivy, so while the twins are posing for first photo ops, lil’ miss Blue Ivy was busy dropping rhymes on dad’s new album “4:44”.

While the majority of publicity on the album focused on JayZ’s admission that he cheated on Beyonce, and his Mom admitting that she’s a lesbian, there was one other big surprise  that focuses on Blue Ivy.    The little prodigy gives fans a taste of what it’s like when music runs in the blood.  Blue Ivy makes her rap recording debut in one of JayZ’s bonus tracks on his new release.

“Blue’s Freeystle/We Family” features Blue Ivy not only rapping in English, but in some other languages too.  At least, we think those are foreign languages–it’s hard to understand what she’s rapping at points-But hey, give the kid a break— she’s kindergarten age, give her time to grow into it.  You may hear better rappers out there, but probably none cuter.



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