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Music Monday: Lalah Hathaway’s Motivational Music

Music Monday: Lalah Hathaway’s Motivational Music


By: Leticia Latrice

Lalah Hathaway has been blessed with the same vocals as her father. Her beautiful, smokey alto pitch is soothing to the soul. She has had to carry the torch of her father the legendary Donny Hathaway and has done a wonderful job. The Grammy award winner has had many hits over the years. This year she has reinvented herself again and came out with a new inspirational song called “Mirror”. The song is encourages people to embrace self-love, believe in yourself and be your best. Hathaway lyrically asks people to look in the mirror and love who they are. The chorus sings “make the mirror your best friend, maybe then you will find some peace within, stop hiding yourself, stop hiding yourself, love yourself when no one else can”. It is powerful how Hathaway speaks this life and truth through her music. This is some light and truth that the black community needs right now to uplift instead of tear down our spirits. All the racism, violence and struggles black people experience can be discouraging. So it is nice to hear a positive song that is encouraging.

Mirror” By Lalah Hathaway

These days good music can be hard to come by. Watered down R&B and Hip-Hop, that lacks substance and positivity is very common and highly promoted. So when artist like Hathaway make good quality music, following in the footsteps of her father, it is refreshing. Right now black people are suffering from extreme racism, self-hate and distress. So at a time like this all the good energy that Hathaway is releasing through this song is healing, hopeful and needed. Hathaway is also a royal reflection of an African-American woman. She truly and confidently represents the natural black woman. She has a mocha complexion, is full figured and has beautiful long dreadlocks that drape down her back.” Mirror” asks people to love and embrace who they are.  This song is a great reminder of how wonderfully made each and every person is. The song asks people to never give up on themselves. All you have to do is look in the mirror and love yourself even if no one else does. Please share this song to help inspire yourself and others.


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