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Natural Alternatives That Will Keep You Beautiful




Ever used mayo to condition your hair? I know it sounds a bit extreme but mayo is full of conditioning properties that can strengthen and add shine to the hair. Actually, there are many unconventional things you can use for beauty purposes. Think about it, what did women use before the world was flooded with product?
Baby Powder for Thicker Lashes

Before your mascara, brush a little baby powder over your lashes. The mascara will swipe right over the powder giving you va va volume!



Put soft liners in the freezer

If your liner ever gets melted or the consistency is too soft, place it in the freezer for a few minutes, it will harden your liner making it easier to apply




Lemon Juice to Lighten your Hair

lemonLemon contains high amounts of acid which will get you to the lighter color you’ve always wanted without all the chemicals.






Hemorrhoid Cream for Under Eyes

Skincare can be very expensive at times, especially if you want something that works. The eyes are where the first signs of aging occur and if you have hemorrhoid cream in your medicine cabinet you can cure wrinkles on a budget. Hemorrhoid cream shrinks the hemorrhoid to make it go away.  Putting it in your under eye area can help tighten, therefore ridding yourself of fine lines.

Curl you lashes with a spoon

Want bolder lashes? Try curling them! You don’t need a high end lash curler, in fact you can use a spoon. Pressing your lashes between a spoon and your thumb will give you the same effect!




Take a milk bathmilk

Milk baths were very common in ancient times. Milk contains lactic acid which is actually found in high in skincare for exfoliation!



Use olive oil as moisturizerolive

If you have sensitive skin and can’t find any lotion or cream that doesn’t cause a reaction olive oil may do the trick. Olive oil all natural and hypoallergenic so it is safe for everyone! This oil is packed with vitamin A and E so your skin will love its hydrating properties!



If you love to find ways to solve everyday problems, try using things you already have at home to solve your beauty woes. These quick tips will save you time and money while delivering awesome results!

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