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Naturi Naughton talks “Power”, “The Wiz”, and playing Patti LaBelle




Naturi Naughton is known for shining on camera.  She has evidence of doing so in the films Lottery Ticket with Bow Wow, or as Lil Kim in NotoriousMadam Noire was finally able to catch up with the beautiful actress for a short interview, where she talks about what’s going on currently in her fast moving career.

She tells that she’s excited for the reboot of her show Power, with Omari Hardwick, 50 Cent and others.

“You know, we work so hard as actors and to create something special like ‘Power’ with Omari Hardwick and Courtney Kemp Agboh and 50 Cent – I was like ‘Oh my gosh! It’s happening so fast!’ So I just felt really, really blessed.”

She then talks about her role as Tasha St. Patrick and how much fun she has playing her role.

“I have a lot of fun playing her.  It’s been great honestly because it helps me to grow as a woman and also as an actress.  It’s stretching out my abilities to do many different things…”

She also mentions that she gets to sing on the show, which then opens up a whole new world of Naughton’s musical talents we soon get to explore.

Meanwhile, she gives us a little bit of her inside thought of playing singer Patti LaBelle. And how she would love the part.

“Her music, her energy, her versatility – just who she is and who she represents in the business is something that I think should be explored.”

When asked about what other projects she’d like to work on, she talks about how she’s always been a fan of theater and musicals.  She then brings up the idea to remake the classic musical, The Wiz featuring stars like Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

“I grew up just loving theater and music so I hope one day I get to do a musical film.”

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Naturi Naughton Talks Power, Patti LaBelle, & Remaking The Wiz

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