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Nelly Says to Strategize, NOT Riot – BUT Is Starting a Foundation the Strategy?




It’s been an emotional roller-coaster in Ferguson, surrounding the death of 18 year-old Michael Brown.  Since the incident, there have been protests, rallies and now riots. Many rappers have shared their sentiment on the topic, but for St. Louis native Nelly  this incident is close to home. Literally.

The Country Grammar superstar suggests that rioting is definitely not a good idea at this time.  Contributing to violence as early as they did is going to lead to more problems.

“I understand the frustration, but we have to strategize before we overreact … We don’t get no do-over on sh*t like this, so we have to do it right the first time.” Nelly tells TMZ.

He also adds, “Ain’t nothing happen no different that hasn’t been happening … At the end of the day, we should have waited to strategize first and take all the right steps to organize.”

T.I. jumps in with similar thoughts, saying … “We needed to play chess instead of checkers. We should have waited to see if justice was going to be served first … We shouldn’t have played our strongest hand first.”

To lead by example, Nelly is starting a Michael Brown scholarship fund in hopes to do something constructive.  He will collaborate with T.I., Kevin Hart, and NBA star Al Jefferson to pledge $15,000 a year in college tuition to a teen of the Brown Family’s choice.

Nelly and T.I. may be right.  It would have shown a little restraint for us as African Americans if we had been a little more strategic.  However, there have been too many incidents of injustice regarding black people.  Zimmerman can be acquitted for killing Trayvon, and Eric Garner can be choked to death in broad daylight, with no justice followed.

There are no chances that a game of chess would make the situation any better.  First, they had the audacity to ask for the people of Ferguson to protest by their rules: in the daytime only.  Now the police are trying to justify their murdering by pinning Brown as a robbery suspect, during the same time they FINALLY give the name of the officer who shot the teenager down in cold blood.

We can’t blame the people of Ferguson for using retaliation as their only form of strategy.  Enough is enough. What do you guys think?

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