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Netflix Announces Rachel Dolezal Documentary-The Internet Is Having None of It

Netflix Announces Rachel Dolezal Documentary-The Internet Is Having None of It


by G. Brown

We thought we heard it all when the Rachel Dolezal story broke three years.  The media jumped on the story when America learned the civil rights activist and NAACP President was a White woman pretending to be Black.  Her story trended for the year, then Dolezal disappeared from social media threads as quickly as she surfaced.

She’s back, still a White woman living the lie and adding to it thanks to Netflix which has given Dolezal her very own documentary entitled “The Rachel Divide”.

It is a painful clip to watch as Dolezal’s son tries to deal with the hurt his Mom has forced into all their lives because of her lies that she’s a Black woman.  The trailer Netflix intended to be moving quite honestly just moved people back to a place of anger…
















“The Rachel Divide” is definitely still dividing some people like when one user tried to defend Dolezal.

A few people targeted their anger at the source–Netflix for giving Dolezal airtime.

The streaming giant denies claims that it paid or is paying Dolezal for the series, which in a way is worse.  It means Dolezal is still getting more attention, more free publicity for her story about hardships as White woman pretending to be Black than actual Black women and men who are facing struggles they didn’t create in some fantastical lie.

Here’s a portion of Netflix’s description of  the original doc “Self-described “trans racial” activist Rachel Dolezal ignited an unprecedented media storm when…outed..as a white woman…  The release continues, “director Laura Brownson and team exclusively filmed Rachel, her sons and her adopted sister…capturing the intimate, verite life story of a damaged character who lands squarely in the cross-hairs of race and identity in America..”
Dolezal didn’t land in the “cross-hairs of race and identity“, she put herself there when she concocted her whole ‘I’m a Black woman trapped inside a White woman’s body’ melodrama.  As for the tagline description that the video clip is “painful”…it is, but not for the reasons that Netflix thinks.  It’s sad to see the pain that Dolezal’s son in the clip is obviously going through, but it’s mamma inflicted pain caused by her lies and deceit.

It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings roll in on this “Rachel Divide” documentary for Netflix.  Judging from some of the Twitter push back, a lot of people feel like been there, heard that nonsense before.







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