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Fans On The Fence About Ray Rice Video, If His Wife Supports Him Should We?




There are a number of words to describe the surveillance tape of NFL running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée and knocking her out cold in an elevator, but I will just say wow.

Society is confronted with many domestic violence situations within relationships every day, and it is a shame how often it occurs. It is one thing to happen in the comfort of a home, but it is another thing to let it happen in the public where the whole world can see.

Literally—the entire world saw for themselves the blow that Janay Palmer took to the face from the punch and to the head from the rail that she hit her head on when she fell to the ground.

The video initially shows the couple outside of the elevator, and it is evident that they are having an argument. Palmer slaps Rice’s face before they walk into the elevator, and Rice manhandles her as soon as they step inside. After regaining her balance, Palmer approaches her fiancée and he punches her.

Please tell me that you are in agreement with me when I proclaim that the footage of that was not okay.

I know everyone likes to pull the card of women acting like ladies and refraining from putting their hands on men and to stop using double standards when it comes to physical abuse, and I get that.

Tell me this, though. Is it really ever okay to punch the woman that you are about to marry and knock her unconscious? And the way Rice dragged her out of the elevator like a rag doll makes the situation all the more disturbing.

The fact that they still got married is even more disturbing because they are both to blame.

Rice’s punch came so fluidly and quickly that it seemed like he had done it before, and Palmer slapped Rice without even really looking at him. Why is the violence so played down?

Rice was suspended for two games and fined over $50000 by the NFL, but is that really enough? Or are you the type of people that think that the NFL should not involve themselves in personal affairs?

He made a statement saying that the two have learned from the incident and, as a result, have become better as a couple and as parents, and I guess that is okay.

But when does it stop? When do “lovers” learn to handle unfortunate situations differently?

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