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Notorious B.I.G Docu Drama & Kerry Washington “City of Saints & Thieves”: Black Hollywood Wrap Up



by TRN Staff Writers,

 “Notorious B.I.G. –One More Chance”  Almost 20 years since his murder, the rapper Biggie Smalls music seems just as relevant and his life and death still a mystery.  Word this week from the Berlin International Film Festival that the Documentary, “Notorious B.I.G.: One More Chance” has finally got the greenlight.  There’s also word that the rapper’s mom, Voletta Wallace, will be producing the project about her son. Wallace said, “It brings so much joy to my heart that my son Christopher’s music has made such an impact on the music community. His stories have positively inspired so many young men and women over the years, and still influencing the youth all over the world today.”  It’s the impact and influence that Biggie’s music continues to have on society that the documentary will try to capture and convey.  It will be 20 years this year since the rap legend was gunned down in a drive-by shooting that left the music world and fans in shock. No details on casting or when the docu-flick will be ready for release.

Kerry Washington, Will Packer on Board for “City of Saints & Thieves”  Will Packer Productions along with Kerry Washington’s Simpson Street production company are in talks to bring Natalie C. Anderson’s bestselling novel to the big screen.  The story centers around Tina who’s been living on the streets of Kenya since her mom was murdered.  Tina soon ends up in a gang of street kids as she seeks revenge against her mother’s murderer.  No word who Washington and Packer will tag to star as Tina or any other possible casting news.  Washington is already involved in another book-to big screen project.  She’s set to star in “The Perfect Mother”–a thriller about a circle of friends who fall apart when one of their children is kidnapped.

The Boondocks” Creator Heads to Alternative Universe  Aaron McGruder is the creative mind the hit animated series “The Boondocks”.  While the shows cult following is still hoping to revisit new episodes of their beloved series or maybe see it on the big screen in its own movie, it seems McGruder is looking to visit a new world.  McGruder is reportedly teaming up with producer, director Will Packer to create an entirely new series for Amazon Studios streaming service.  The new series reportedly will be set in some kind of alternative universe that’s patterned after the drama “The Man in the Castle” about how the world would be vastly different if World War II had ended differently.  McGruder and Packer also are working on the upcoming comedy “Girls Trip”.

For this week in Black Hollywood, that’s a wrap!

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