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Obama Calls Trump’s Dismantling of Immigration Policy “Contrary to Common Sense”



by G. Brown

“Born in the USA”…it’s more than an 80’s rock anthem.  While some thought it a song about American privilege and exceptionalism, Bruce Springsteen’s hit record  wasn’t about American pride as much as it was about America’s shame of big government, big military and the way some people are disregarded as nothing more than disposable.  The refrain “Born in the USA” at its  core is about the lack of life, liberty and happiness for those unfortunate to be born without a silver spoon in their mouth.

“Born in the USA” is three decades old and the lyrics never seemed to ring truer than following Donald Trump’s  announcement to dismantle DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.  Trump announced on Tuesday that in six months the children who entered the country as illegal immigrants will no longer be protected from deportation or eligible for a work permit.

DACA was created by the Obama administration five years ago.  Known as the Dreamers Program, DACA has grant permission for an estimated 750-thousand to nearly two million immigrants —especially minors—to attend school and/or work until they are approved for U.S. Citizenship eligibility.  The immigrants were safe, being productive and working to become legal U.S. citizens.

Former President Obama has stood silently on the sidelines since leaving office as his successor has tried to erase much of his legacy.  Trump has gone after 56 environmental executive orders and legislation, 23 labor and finance orders, decisions and acts and 12 health care policies.  He’s made immigration the unwanted step-child with his base by pushing hate.  But now, Obama is finally pushing back.

  Obama released a statement on his Facebook page acknowledging that immigration is a controversial issue, but it will take goodwill to fix the problems.  Obama says that is not what Trump is after, his statement says.”…But that’s not what the action that the White House took today is about. This is about young people who grew up in America – kids who study in our schools, young adults who are starting careers, patriots who pledge allegiance to our flag. These Dreamers are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper. They were brought to this country by their parents, sometimes even as infants. They may not know a country besides ours. They may not even know a language besides English. They often have no idea they’re undocumented until they apply for a job, or college, or a driver’s license.”

Obama calls Trump’s action “wrong” and “self-defeating” saying that he is targeting young people who have done nothing wrong. Obama says Trump’s decision to dismiss DACA is as much about morality and basic decency as it is about politics.  The 44th president says “this action is contrary to our spirit, and to common sense…”

But it’s not contrary to the spirit of Trump.  The man rode to policitial victory on the coattail of promises kick out immigrants.  At support rallies, he’s still whipping his base supporters into a frenzy with his tired dog whistle of “build that wall” and has even threatened to shut down the government to get his way. Obama’s statement makes yet another logical argument for the program much like his initial pitch for its implementation five years ago.  Unfortunately, a logical approach will fall on deaf ears when it comes to Trump who is driven by two imperatives  it seems–to push hate and to erase everything Obama accomplished while in office.

Millions of undocumented immigrants escaped or came to this country hoping fora better life.   An estimated half-million of these immigrants are Black. Some of these young people are just entering middle school, some are already enrolled in college or just graduated.  In six months, they can be snatched from the lives they’ve built and deported to countries they’ve never seen.  Once there, they won’t even be able to complain because some of them don’t speak the language of their native countries…only English.

Trump doesn’t have the last word on DACA, congress does, but that is little comfort to hundreds of thousands of young people who call America home and may be kicked out because they weren’t “Born in the USA” .  They only made or their parents made a decision to live here because they thought America welcomed “the poor, the tired, the huddle masses yearning to breathe free.”



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    November 15, 2017 at 11:35 am

    What is that guy?

  2. Keith

    September 7, 2017 at 1:18 am

    So if Trump wants to kick out the innocent young children who had no part in sneaking into Amarican, then Trump’s wife, Malania, must pack her bags and go to. She came to this country illegally and lied about it. So in six months she must get the hell up out of here. She’s an immigrant. She’s not wanted.

  3. Shawn J

    September 6, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    In case anyone’s wondering, “SMH” means shaking my head; I’m doing just that at this whole thing.

  4. Shawn J

    September 6, 2017 at 8:50 pm


  5. NBA is fixed

    September 5, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    One more thing then I’m done. There are alot of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Indians (India) who are actually black. They will never claim black because they’re filled with self hatred and they desperately want to be white. When the opportunity to be black comes there way, they will have no problem claiming black. For example, Mindy Kaling’s brother Vijay Chokalingham claimed he was black so he could get accepted into medical school; I’m not making this up.

    These people make me angry! What also makes me angry is that most of these illegal aliens refuse to learn English. They want all of the rights of Americans, but they’re not official American citizens. If you are not a citizen of America, you don’t belong in America! If you want to become a citizen of America, don’t hop on a train or a boat, do it the legal way.

  6. NBA is fixed

    September 5, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    Is there another country on planet Earth where a large group of illegal aliens can become financially successful without learning how to speak the native language?

  7. NBA is fixed

    September 5, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    Let’s get something else straight, immigrants didn’t build America, black slaves built America! The White House, the Capitol building the railroads and this countries entire infrastructure were built on the backs of black slaves!

    And let us not forget that the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball make billions and billions of dollars every year using black physical labor. #BlackLaborWhiteWealth

  8. NBA is fixed

    September 5, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Brothers and sistas let’s get something straight. These illegal Mexicans and foreigners are coming to our country and getting the working class jobs that black people used to work. Truck drivers, construction workers and security guards name Leroy, Otis and Tyrone are quickly being replaced by Ernesto, Habib and Gonzalez. Illegal aliens come here and have babies who are instantly natural citizens (14th Amendment) then grow up to take more jobs that used to be occupied by black people. The term is called birther babies. Illegal Mexicans and other foreigners are allowed to come into this country illegally because they take jobs away from black people. Brothers and sistas, stop fighting for illegal immigration. When was the last time Consuela, Jose or Khan helped us? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

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