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Obamacare is Out the Door: Trump Presidency Could Hurt You or Someone You Know

Obamacare is Out the Door: Trump Presidency Could Hurt You or Someone You Know


by G. Brown

Politics is a dicey game especially when the candidate has uttered racist, misogynistic, vitrolic drivel for 18 months and still becomes President Elect.  People are shocked, angry and scared.  All viable emotions especially since no one really predicted Trump would win and predicting how his presidency will impact America is even harder.

Some things we don’t have to guess…Trump has made clear in a list of things he intends to do his first 100 days in office.  Here are 5 things You Can Expect from President Elect Trump as soon as he’s sworn in as the 45th president  according to a speech he gave last month in Gettysburg.

download-2#1 Obamacare-Now You See It…Trump’s dislike for the nation’s current healthcare system implemented by President Obama has been one of the drums he’s been beating for the last 18 months.  Trump has vowed to repeal the six-year old Affordable Care Act saying he might even summon a special session to do away with it quickly. He may indeed do it, but it won’t be quickly…repealing and replacing a plan that covers 24 million Americans who were without health care won’t be a quick fix. Many doubt a full repeal of Obamacare is possible, but parts of the plan won’t survive–especially kids staying on plan until 26 years old, acceptance of some pre-existing conditions and the fee for not having coverage. For now, know that Obamacare is still the law and 2017 open enrollment began November 1 and ends January 31.

images#2 That *&$Damn Wall The joke that many of us still laugh at is apparently still a priority on Trump’s agenda.  Trump’s “Great Wall” along the US/Mexican border would take 340 million cubic feet of concrete…that’s three times more concrete than used to build the Hoover Dam.  Experts say Trump’s estimate of 12 billion to build the wall is way too low. A study by Washington post says it would cost $25 billion to build the wall intended to keep Mexicans from illegally entering the U.S.  Trump last said that the U.S. would build it and send the bill to Mexico.



download#3 Deport 11 Million Immigrants Trump says he would start this  on day 1. The 11 million people Trump would target are immigrants who were temporarily shielded under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).  The program prohibits deporting people brought to this country illegally as children.  President Obama focused on deporting people with criminal records.  Of course, experts say there is no way Trump can deliver on his promise to round up and deport 11 million people on day 1…or in 4 years. One obstacle would be congress which would have to vote on funding such a deportation effort and the other big obstacle is logistical—where would people be housed once detained for deportation, how will Trump get them to their destination and what happens to children born here to illegal parents?

download-1#4 Cancel Every “Unconstitutional” Obama Executive Order An executive order is the route a President takes to enact laws that would drag on if congress had to vote on them. Some Presidents like John Adams issued only 1 and  Franklin D Roosevelt issued 3,721 according to presidency.ucsb.edu. President Obama issued 256 executive orders  in the last eight years covering everything from preventing Iran to building nukes to tackling climate change. Which of those orders Trump will target as “unconstitutional” is hard to say.

images-1#5 NAFTA, TPP are O-U-T The president-elect says he will protect American workers by renegotiating what he calls “the worst trade deal in history” for better terms with Mexico and Canada. Experts say the attempt could wreak havoc on American businesses and that pulling out of NAFTA would more than likely lead to higher prices here since American companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, GM will no longer be able to manufacture parts in places like Mexico for cheap labor.  There are a number of ways pulling out of NAFTA could play out…for instance, it could result in a trade war or it could land us in a court battle. Some experts say pulling out of NAFTA won’t bring back jobs. Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have global impact since there are 11 other countries (Japan, New Zealand,Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Chile, Brunei, Mexico, Canada and Australia) and affects about 800 million people.  TPP basically calls for the countries to reduce or eliminate tariffs on certain agricultural and industrial products. The deal has to be ratified by 2018 and if the U.S pulls out the deal will more than likely crumble.

That is an abbreviated look at the long list of what Trump hopes to accomplish in his first 100 days. And there are other major issues like LGBT Equality (protection from discrimination in housing and health coverage), abortion, making you pay more to use the internet.  The president can repeal or eliminate some laws, policies and memorandums without congress, but some will require approval by both the house and senate.