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Obama’s On this List: DL Hughley Names the 3 Most Hated Black Men

Obama’s On this List: DL Hughley Names the 3 Most Hated Black Men


by G. Brown

If you’ve ever caught his stand up comedy or heard his radio show then you know comedian/actor  D.L. Hughley is not a man who tends to bite his tongue.  He’s that guy who will name names…and this week, he’s name three Black people that he believes is at the top of the list when it comes to most hated.

Hughley”s says one person on is list is hated far more than the other two. He says the most hated Black men in America are former President Barack Obama, pro football player Colin Kaepernick and… O.J. Simpson?-That last one threw me, but let’s see Hughley’s reasoning.

Hughley went into his rant this week when TMZ caught up with him after news broke that Kaepernick still unable to find a team that wants to sign him finally got lawyered up and filed a grievance against the NFL.  As TRN reported earlier this week, Kaep alleges in that grievance that NFL owners have colluded and are working in tandem to keep him out of the league.

Hughley told TMZ that “he agrees 100% the NFL honchos are blackballing” the former SF 49ers QB.  Hughley says, “If Kaepernick had gotten an opportunity to try out for a squad and not made it, then this whole thing wouldn’t have merit…If he’s incapable of playing how come they’ve never let him prove it on the field?”

Several NFL players and sports analysts agree with Hughley that Kaep’s protest of kneeling during the national anthem is the reason the quarterback has been almost seven years without an offer.   Out of the leagues 32 teams, only one team has even shown any real interest in Kaepernick, but at the last minute, the Seattle Seahawks decided to not to hire him.  It was shortly after that rejection that Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett spoke up and said he too believes Kaepernick is being blackballed.  Bennett said, ” I think nobody likes race and politics in sports…I think it’s one of the things that nobody really wants to talk about. For him to bring up race and politics in sports, I think it struck a lot of people in the wrong way. You watch the people that really watch football, it’s middle America and the people that buy tickets to the game aren’t really African-American people, and for him to bring that into that crowd was one thing that people felt like shouldn’t of been there.”

But Kaep did bring awareness about issues like racial inequality and police brutality against Black people to the field and now he’s being punished for standing against it.  For taking that stand,D.L. lists Kaepernick as one of the most hated Black men in this country.  DL says former President Barack Obama is also on that lists and former NFL player/actor O.J. Simpson who was acquitted in the double murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. Hughley says,all three Black men are hated, but one takes the top spot as the most hated— “They hate Colin Kaepernick right now more than they hate O.J.”

The court of public opinion can often be a kangaroo court where no logic exists.  Certain people hate Obama so much that they want to see every law and executive order he enacted while in office be reversed or eradicated because he dared to be President while Black.  A conservative said recently on live TV that Obama won’t have a legacy left when this administration is finished.  Hughley’s right, people hate Kaep more than they hate a man accused of murder.  They didn’t hate O.J. for being accused of murder, they hate him because they think he got away with murder.

What do you think…is D.L. Hughley right….are these three the most hated Black men? Do you think some Black women also make that list….and who do you think is missing from Hughley’s list?