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Oh Jesse-WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Fans Speak Out on Jesse Williams’ Divorce



by G. Brown

Jesse Williams movie star good looks, deeply stirring words and emphatic voice for all things Black have made the “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams the darling of social media.  But ‘live by social media-die by social media’ if fans get a whiff of you not living up to what you preach.

Williams is definitely losing  some social media clout after the announcement that he and his wife of five years are headed for divorce. Williams and wife Aryn Drake-Lee married in 2012 and have two children…a three-year old daughter named Sadie and son Maceo born in 2015.

HuffPost is reporting that Williams and Drake-Lee have filed for divorce in what the site categorizes as an “amicable” split.  As these things go, another news site, TMZ is spinning  the break up as the start of WWIII and throws the White actress Minka Kelly in the mix and under the bus as the possible reason for the break up.

On Tuesday, when TMZ cameras caught up with Williams at LAX airport, the actor had little to say.  But when asked pointblank if he is dating the White actress, Williams let the printed words on his jacket do the talking…

Williams reportedly has been in Paris working with Kelly on some kind of video of game production.

Even though neither Williams nor his wife have released or made any public comments about their marital break up, fans are “believing the hype”.



















While posts of varying degrees of “disappointment” seems to be the leading response, others don’t think dating a White woman should rule Williams out as an activist.  That rule certain doesn’t apply anywhere else…Black athletes, judges, rappers are married to White women and Blacks still support their teams, buy their records and support their policies and politics.  So even if Williams is dating a White woman, should that affect his message as a Black activist/actor.

And there is the possibility that people may be in an uproar for nothing since very little information is being divulged about his impending divorce.  He hasn’t exactly confirmed that the marriage is ending because of his cheating.

But all of this brings us back to idolizing celebrities no matter how good a singer, actor or ball player.  Fame and money doesn’t make them faithful, smarter or more moral.  It just makes them more visible…and their flaws more visible as well.



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