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OJ Furious “No One Had the Ba**s to Get His Side of the Story” for Movie

OJ Furious “No One Had the Ba**s to Get His Side of the Story” for Movie


By: Evette Champion

If there is one thing that baffles the world even to this day, is how did OJ Simpson get off that murder rap for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.


Well, if you want to relive that whole media spectacle and head-scratching trial that you thought would have ended up with a guilty verdict, you can! February 2nd, FX will begin airing The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. This 10-part series creates the whole ordeal (minus the gruesome murder out of respect for the dead of course).

Well, it doesn’t seem like anyone is very pleased about this—least of all OJ Simpson, who is up for parole next year on an unrelated charge.

According to a source close to Simpson:

‘He says they have created this soap-opera based on what other people are saying and what has been falsely reported in the papers, but nobody had the b***s to talk to him. ‘And he feels it will be just be a bunch of BS because nobody knows what really happened, but OJ. He’s also resents that it’s a payday for everyone else and it’s his story.’

The mini-series is based off of the Jeffrey Toobin’s 1996 book, “The Run of His Life: The People v. OK Simpson” a book that, coincidentally, didn’t ask for his side of the story, either. The mini-series is also using court transcripts as a guide.

It isn’t just OJ who is upset though, the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman have their own concerns.

“They didn’t take the families into consideration,” Tanya says. “Who is defending my sister?”

Ron Goldman’s father, Fred, also has concerns:

“You are going to have people basing their beliefs on a movie,” he says, believing that the younger generation will learn of the case through this mini-series. “Last time I checked, we don’t rely on movies for facts.”

We wonder too about how accurately the mini-series will play out. What do you think? Should the production team reached out to Simpson so he could give his side of the story, or was the real Case of the Century enough for you?



  1. The best thing they could have done was not get his side of the story. This man is helplessly stupid. I think that the worst thing that could have happened to him was the death of Johnnie Cochran, esq. Without his tenacity and skills as an attorney to make that crew prove “Beyond a shadow of a doubt” the guilt of Simpson, he would have been railroaded just like other men of colour were without the finances of Simpson. Even after the death of Cochran, he allowed someone to dupe him in to trying to release a book I DIDN’T KILL THEM BUT IF I HAD THIS IS THE WAY I WOULD HAVE DONE IT. How stuck on stupid do you have to be to fall into a dumb trick like that. Well he finally did enough to let them get him and while they couldn’t care less about that actual crime, they are giving him all the time they can for that crime they allege he did (without proof)to that woman and her friend. They plan to tell this story the way they want and with no interest in his input.

  2. Re OJ,
    Unfortunately OJ had to find out the hard way that he’s classified as Black… He thought he had “arrived” like many so called black people in the mainstream of Hollywood, politics, sports, etc. When will they learn? Why would the oppressors give up any ground for so called blacks? It doesn’t matter how fast yo ass can run, how well you can sing, and dance, or if you are Bill Cosby, When they are done with you, they’re done!


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