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Omari Hardwick:”We lost a connection with excellence and our ancestors..brilliant dummies”




Black Hollywood Live sats down with ‘Power’ actor Omari Hardwick to talk about his life and accomplishments.

Here, we learn that Hardwick is not only an actor, but he is a poet and also an athlete.  He gives us a little insight on his childhood in Atlanta, and the conversation ends up branching into the realm of youth excellence in the minority communities.

He talks about life in college about being on a football scholarship with a theater major.  His passion for poetry derived from his father’s past of also being a poet.  Hardwick says that he felt that his poetry side was “unapologetic” and helped him reveal who he really was.  Before, he would hide the fact that he loved poetry like kids who hide their backpacks at school.

“A lot of kids hide their backpacks literally when growing up in urban environments,” Hardwick says. When asked why that is, Hardwick answered,

“I think because we lost a connection of excellence and what it means to be excellent.  When you think about growing up brown or black or in an ethnic environment, the elder ancestors would have made the fact that you were being educated or gone through suffrage, and the fact that you were in a race and understood the race that you were in as cool – they would label it as cool.”

Hardwick explains that the determining factor of what’s acceptable and what’s not has been passed to the youth of society.  The irony of the matter is “what do kids know? They’re kids.”  Because of this transition, our connection of excellence is far removed from the definition of our ancestors.

“Not to be preacher or judgmental but I think a lot of the kids today are brilliant, but they are, dare I say, dumb.  They are brilliant dummies and I think that there’s a way to bridge the two…”

In 2014, the youth face a different obstacle regarding role models than our ancestors because of the media and the negative world influence around them.  If we can sit down and connect with our youth, Hardwick says that could be the first step to spiral into big life changes.

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