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Omarosa Heckled as “Trump’s W**re”: Celebrity Wrap Up



by TRN Staff Writers,

We’re getting used to seeing the new president trolled on social media (really, maybe it’s time to give up twitter Mr. President) by everyone from singer John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen to actor Seth Rogan.  If celebs are not trolling the Trump administration on Twitter, they’re speaking up no matter where they are like hip-hop sensation Drake who slammed the current Commander in Chief so hard during a recent concert that Trump should have been a little dizzy. Drake’s Canadian, but he had some harsh words to say about the U.S. President like “F**k that Man“…

And it’s not just Trump who’s getting roasted, but everyone in his administration and cabinet  could get caught in the cross hairs.  Like press secretary Sean Spicer who was ripped to shreds last weekend by “SNL” with actress Melissa McCarthy doing an impersonation that is destined to become a classic…

And now, it’s Omarosa Manigault’s turn.  Omarosa was reportedly shopping for bridesmaids dressing for  her upcoming wedding to pastor John Allen Newman of Calvary Church in Jacksonville Florida when she was harassed, embarassed and heckled by some women who yelled out at her calling her “Trump’s W**re”.

The confrontation happened Monday at a shopping mall near Washington D.C.  Omarosa reportedly complained to Nordstrom’s employees, “These fat ladies won’t stop following me…”   An employee told media outlet two women were harassing Omarosa and said, “They were letting her having it,” in front of about a dozen onlookers who gathered as the confrontation got loud.

Eventually, security was called over and had to escort Omarosa to her car. Omarosa was one of the faces of Trump’s presidential campaign as one of his media surrogates.  She’s now an assistant to the president and director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison—a position which has taken her out of the day-to-day limelight, but the public still knows who she is and her undying loyalty to Trump.  It’s a relationship that’s pitted Omarosa against the Black community from the beginning and apparently the animosity isn’t going away now that the election is over.

But as public officials, Omarosa, Spicer, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and even the president are all going to have to accept that criticism comes with the job.  People in the spotlight don’t always want to accept that with celebrity comes negative attention sometimes.  It’s sad that she can’t even plan what should be a joyous day without being heckled, but Omarosa should have known that’s part of what she signed up for.  If they can take the adoration of Super Bowl winning coaches and quarter-backs, they can handle a few disgruntled voters who are going to be dishing out some harsh criticisms as well.

What do you think…where the women wrong to heckle Omarosa? Or since this is America, the women can still say what they think, even if it means interrupting a private moment?

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