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‘Good Morning Oprah?’-CBS This Morning Rumored to Want the Talk Show Queen

by TRN Writers, Would you want to wake up with Oprah?  CBS News execs may be banking on that thought.   Several news outlets including…

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Russell Simmons Says It Was Consensual, She Says She Was Forced

by G. Brown A new week, new sexual assaults names to add to the growing list of women who say powerful men in Hollywood…

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Jennifer Hudson, Tamar: Celebs Caught in the Web of Domestic Violence

by TRN Staff Writers, Jennifer Hudson went to court to seek protection against the man she loved and expected to marry.  The Academy Award…

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Young, Gifted & Black: 5 Visionaries Changing the World

by TRN Staff Writers,    The nightly news will tell us about the gang bangers, the drug dealers and the gansta rappers who lose…

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GQ’s Citizen of the Year: Is Kap’s Football Career Over?

by G. Brown Football season just kicked off about two months ago and Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t signed to a team. But it’s proving…

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Ta-Nehisi Coatess- Why Some White People Think They Should Use The N-Word

by G. Brown Author/journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates can have my proxy vote to speak on my behalf anytime.  His views on everything from politics to…

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‘Nope, Uh Huh, Not Gonna Happen’: Jada Says No $5 Million for Tyrese

by TRN Here today, gone tomorow…well, actually, promised today or thought it was promised today and it’s not coming tomorrow. Actor Tyrese Gibson has…

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Mariah Carey, Jesse Jackson: Hollywood’s Sex Scandal Just Keeps Spreading

by G. Brown What’s being dubbed the “Weinstein Effect” continues to churn through Hollywood like a slow moving virus that’s now infecting the music…

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Singer Jill Scott’s Husband Gearing Up for A Dirty Fight in Divorce

by TRN Staff Writer, Grammy award winner Jill Scott’s marriage sounds like a playlist of some of her hits from “So In Love” to…

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JayZ, Snoop Offer Encouragement As Meek Mill Faces Up to 4 Years in Prison

by TRN Writers Rapper Meek Mill walked into court on Monday a free man and came out a man sentenced to up to four…

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TRN Follow UP: Tyrese Claims Will Smith Paid Him $5 Million to Stay Off Social Media

by TRN Writers, Singer/actor/model Tyrese Gibson is still the subject of memes after his very public and emotional break down on social media last…

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#Justice for “Jazzy” Finally! Shaming a University to do the Right Thing

by G. Brown The news is full of stories that make you angry, but the story of what University of Hartford student Chennel “Jazzy”…

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