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OscarSoDumb: The Academy’s New Category Could Hurt “Black Panther”



by G. Brown

The people behind the Oscars–the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board decided on Tuesday night it’s time to add a new category. So for the first time ‘BEST POPULAR FILM‘ will join the other 24 categories.

The Academy hasn’t released the specifics on this newest award or eligibility requirements, but it sounds like oft overlook blockbusters like…oh, I don’t know… maybe EVERYTHING MARVEL HAS EVER DONE…will fit into this new category.  And for some, that’s the problem.

According to entertainment news site IndieWire, some film journalists are calling the Academy’s new category creation “a desperate ratings attempt“.  They believe allowing comic book superhero movies like “Thor Ragnarok” or “Wonder Woman” which were both blockbusters to compete will lower the bar since these movies are usually big on action and not so much on artistic achievements.

Expectations are pretty high that another movie that broke all kinds of records could easily walk away with the win in a “Popular” Category.  That movie is “Marvel’s Black Panther”.  But others also think the new category is undermining the film’s chances at being considered for “Best Picture”.  IndieWire also notes, “Black Panther” is critically acclaimed and is only the third movie in U.S. box office history to surpass $700 million, which makes it a no-brainer for a popular film award. Journalists are now worried regulating “Black Panther” to a popular film category will hurt its chances of being nominated in the main races, which are inarguably more prestigious.”

And quite a few people on social media agree that the Academy will cage the Panther’s chance for a major win…



Oscar, Oscar, Oscar (smdh) sigh.  Have you learned  nothing from that humiliating debacle #OscarSoWhite.  It was just two years ago and this is The Academy’s idea of diversifying the competition?  A token, meaningless category where you can send all the misfit toys. Most popular movie….sounds like a category for high school graduating seniors.  What’s next–the most congenial category?

This isn’t just a slight against “Black Panther”(though, it kinda feels like it is).  Movies like “Infinity War” and Jason Mamoa’s “Aquaman” could be left out in the cold category of most popular as well.

Creating a category to shove the biggest blockbusters in so more people will tune in to see if their favs win might seem savvy, but it comes off as slimy.  It’s like telling those actors ‘sure your movie made more than all the others combined, but your film isn’t worthy of a real award’.

Not sure people will tune in just to see their favorite movie and stars still shut out.  Somewhere, somebody is cranking up a new hashtag campaign for the 90th Oscars.

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