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Patti’s Pies Vs. Aretha’s… Chicken: Petty Much?!



By: Evette Champion

It’s no secret that Ms. Patti Labelle and Ms. Aretha Franklin have been at each other’s throats for years now. It appears that the rivalry between these two women is moving out of the entertainment industry and moving into the kitchen. Franklin has recently announced that she is in the process of releasing her own line of food products that will rival Labelle’s line.

“Ms. Patti’s gonna have to move that pie to the side!” Franklin told a local Detroit news station.

Although Franklin has admitted that she hadn’t tried one of the famous sweet potato pies that were flying off the shelves in November, she reassures us that her line of products, which includes chili, gumbo, and baked chicken, will have you forgetting all about that pie.

We’ve got some news for Ms. Franklin. She is following in some very impressive footsteps, as Patti’s pies did so well in Walmart stores across the nation, the dessert was sold out for close to a whole month before the store could finally restock them.

So what caused this long-standing beef between the two iconic divas? It doesn’t seem to be anything in particular. According to Aretha’s sister, Erma Franklin’s interview with Gawker, Aretha has always had an issue with other talented women by whom she felt threatened by.

“Aretha’s always had problems with her female contemporaries. Her fantasy is that they would all disappear and she and she alone would be the only singer. Her fantasy is to eliminate the competition. By not acknowledging them—whether it’s Gladys [Knight] or Mavis [Staples] or even younger artists like Natalie [Cole] or Whitney [Houston]—in her mind, she’s making them go away.”

This is evident by the dodge done by Aretha to Patti at the White House in 2014.

What do you think? Is this food line some petty rivalry that’s gone on too far between these respected women?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Keith

    August 4, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Aretha needs to go and sit down somewhere. As much as I like her music, I hate her stank ass “Im better than you” attitude. Personally, I think Aretha is jealous of Patty because 1) she can’t hit the high notes like Patty, and 2) she’ll never be able to kick off her hills and roll on the stage like Patty, during a performance. Aretha is too dame big, once her fat ass hits the floor, she’ll never be able to get back up. People will walk out feeling cheated.

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