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Politics Got You Down: This Comic’s “Trump Prayer” Will Leave You ROTFL



by G. Brown

It’s been a rough couple of weeks…HELL, make that a rough few months. Seven even months to be exact.  The current White House has created more drama than fake President Francis Underwood on Netflix’s “House of Cards”—and he’s a murderer!

In just the last two weeks we’ve watched Trump play a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with N. Korea; continue to play his reality TV role on Celebrity Apprentice by weekly firings–this week’s unlucky contestant Chief Strategist Steve Bannon; defending White supremacists after their deadly Charlottesville protest, blaming counter protesters as part of the racism problem and complaining that removing “beautiful” Confederate monuments is destroying American history and culture. Let’s not forget the Russia investigation constantly running in the background like a battery draining app on your smartphone.  Just like their smartphone, Trump is draining people.

Let’s recharge ourselves by taking this Friday to put all the White House drama in the proper perspective.  Comedienne Rita Brent has a video that is going viral on YouTube and Facebook and will definitely help you get your sense of humor back.

The stand up comedienne takes the scripture about laughter being like a medicine—which most of need because we are sick of Trump—to a new level as she prays for the angels of impeachment to hurry up and come.

Brent’s bio says she grew up in the church in her home of Jackson Mississippi so she knows about the power of prayer.  Brent also knows the power of comedy having honed her skills performing stand up at “open mic” events, the Shaquille O’Neal All-Star Comedy Competition, the “Standing Ovation Tour Opening Act contest and hosted her own comedy special “Rita B is the New Black” which you can purchase on DVD. For more info check out or head over to Brent’s Facebook page 

Here’s Rita Brent to help chase some of the blues away and help you to get your laugh on with “The Donald Trump Prayer”…

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