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Russell Wilson Launches “Good Man Brand” to Help Inner-City Kids




By: Evette Champion

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and when he was talking to the Huffington Post, there was a phrase that was repeated:

“Hey, be good. Be good. You know what, be good. Be good!”

Each time the phrase was repeated, there was an emphasis on a different part, but it resonated nonetheless.

The words and the meaning are easy to hear and understand, but they are often harder to actually practice. So, the NFL star decided that it was time to show the world that he was living by that very motto.

This is when the Good Man Brand entered the picture. The goal is simple enough—to inspire an entire generation to lead better lives. Wilson is pairing his Good Man Brand with his Why Not You Foundation in an effort to launch something that will enrich the lives of inner-city children.

The Good Man Brand is using a business model very similar to TOMS, the company that is known for their policy of “buy-one, give-one.” Wilson’s Good Man Brand promises that for every item that is sold, the company will share the profits with a charity of choice. To be more specific, the company promises that it will donate $3 from every purchase will be sent to a charity. Right now, he is focusing on helping the education system in the inner city—a cause that was selected by Wilson and his team because it will cause an immediate impact on the inner-city children all over the country.


Wilson believes that this is the blueprint for how the foundation can begin to “make a major difference in the world.” He hopes that the beauty behind the brand will enable its patrons and the company as well, to continue to strive toward making a positive change.

We look forward to seeing where this will go. Wouldn’t it be nice if all businesses had this mindset—to give back to the community and help make the world a better place? Who knows, maybe more companies will follow suit in time. What to do you think?

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