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T-Pain admits to Blowing 2.4 million in Strip Clubs




You can only fall in love with so many strippers, Nappy Boy…But I guess if every regular at the strip club had money like you do, the strippers would fall in love with you too.

T-Pain delivers a fun and hilarious interview on the Hot 97 morning show where he talks about the two common denominators of his everyday life: Strippers and alcohol.

“It’s all I do” T-Pain shrugs.

The interview centers around his recent club banger “Up, Down” and how the context of the song is about yet another stripper in the club.  Except for he didn’t know she was a stripper until the called to the stage (Hence, the lyrics “I ain’t even know it till you got called to the stage).  He actually didn’t know it was destined to be a crazy hit, but low and behold it ended up playing as a comeback record to the club scene.

What really caught my attention was when T-Pain got asked to estimate just how much he spends at the strip club.  “Not as much as you think,” he responds at first.  Yeah right.

But Ebro and friends broke it down for the fan (Rosenberg literally pulled out a calculator).  First they asked him how much he spends on average in which the rapper answers about $2,000.

Then he was asked to determine the number of days a year that he attends the strip club.  The answer was 150 days in a year (…wow).

When you multiply 2000 dollars spent times 150 days, the total comes up to 2.4 million a year spent in strip clubs!

“It’s a tax write-off” He jokes.

It must be nice to blow that kind of money at a strip club.  But hey, at least T-Pain is consistent.  He claims to only make songs about what goes on in his life.  As long as you keep the clubs live, you can live in the strip club for all I care.  Much love T-Pain!

How much money have YOU spent in the strip club?


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