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He Paid A Salon To Black Out All The Windows Just To Do His Hair: 10 Facts about Prince




There is so much to learn about one of the icons of rock and roll, Prince. His style alone was a contribution to the music industry. He is so different that he’s impossible to duplicate him (seriously, who turns their name into a symbol?). Maybe these 10 facts will help you understand just how different and unique of a cloth he’s cut from!

1) Prince was known for driving around in a white T-bird in Minneapolis in 1985
You knew that if you saw a white T-bird driving around in your neighborhood, you had the Revolution leader in your town!

2) Prince is the pioneer of the “Minneapolis Sound” that rocked the 80’s.
If there was ever a sound from Minneapolis before Prince, he definitely recreated and defined it.

3) According to Star Tribune, Prince had a baby with Mayte Garcia named Boy Rogers, who died shortly after birth.
Star Tribune says he died from a rare skull defect. Our condolences, Prince.

4) Prince’s Album, “For You” he produced all on his own.
For those of you who don’t know, Prince is a self-taught musician, in every instrument he plays.

5) Prince produced trio Vanity 6,
He thought of the name, with the intention of the 6 referring to the breast count. I see what you did there, Prince! 3×2 = #nice!

6) In 1984, Prince had an album, film and a single (actually two: “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry”) and was topping the charts with all three simultaneously
The only other ones who were able to do this were the Beatles. They were the first to do it before Prince.

7) In Washington D.C. Prince paid a salon to shut down shut down for a day, and black out all the windows, just to do his hair.

If you couldn’t already tell, Prince’s hair has always been a big deal! And not to mention “me-time.” The last thing you want is a swarm of fans in your face when you’re trying to get your hair did!

8) Prince’s dad was actually the opposite of the portrayal in Purple Rain. He never swore, and Prince actually had a good relationship with him.
Kinda makes you wonder why he would depict his father as an abusive character. I wonder if Mr. Rogers took it offensive. Maybe Prince did it to add drama to the 4 starred film.

9) When Prince was in the studio, he would stay awake for days at a time.

Now that’s the definition of being dedicated to your craft. We appreciate your herculean effort to produce your legendary music, Prince!

10) Prince dissolved the Revolution in 1986 when he dismissed Wendy & Lisa from the group.
They had creative differences over the newest non-musician members Prince had invited into the band.
Not everyone is going to agree with each other…accept for when you’re with Prince…you always have to agree with Prince.

How much did you learn about Prince today? Let’s talk about it: Comment below and tell us what you think.

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