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Queen Latifah Evens Up the Score For Women & Bey & Jay Global Fest :Black Hollywood Wrap Up



by Ms. Black Hollywood

Beyonce and JayZ Headline Global Citizen Festival  It’s been five years since the death of South Africa’s first Black President Nelson Mandela, but his courage, humanitarianism and sacrifices are still inspiring generations to fight for racial equality.   Beyonce, JayZ, Usher, Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Forest Whitaker and Pharrell will join an international cluster of stars to shine in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the anti-apartheid leader.   Winfrey will give a keynote address on Mandela’s legacy.  According to Variety magazine, ” The Global Citizen organization has a stated goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. With its Mandela 100 campaign, it hopes to bring in $1 billion.”  The magazine says half of that money will be allocated to impact the lives of 20 million women and girls around the world.  The Global Citizen Festival will take place in South Africa on December 2 with a concert at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.  For more information on the celebration and the cause, click this link to go to .


Latifah Kicks Off the Queen Collective  Getting a  break in Tinsel Town can be a gamble, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a Queen  in corner.   Queen Latifah is helping aspiring female filmmakers make their mark in Hollywood with her new program “The Queen Collective”.  Future filmmakers will get to tell their story while the program will pick up the tab by providing them the tools they need to finance, make and distribute their movie.  Rapper/actor/talk show host Latifah says, “I think it’s a continuing narrative in Hollywood, unfortunately, and we want to change that entire narrative. We want to even the playing field a little bit.”  The program will choose two candidates who will have Latifah as their mentor.  Queen Latifah not only brings almost three decades of experience in music and movies, but she also brings knowledge about hard knocks and how to overcome Hollywood’s stereotypes saying ““We see a lot of stories that have been told through their lens in every way, shape and form. White guys have been able to tell their story in every sort of way, and unfortunately it hasn’t been that way for women. And it hasn’t been that way for people of other colors or genders. That’s the part that’s missing. We want to make sure that everyone is allowed to tell their story.

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