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R. Kelly Cancels Concerts Following Sex Cult Allegations




by TRN Staff Writers

Crooner R. Kelly might consider his slump in concert ticket sales  was predicted by one of his old hits–“When a Woman’s Fed Up”.  It looks like his female fanbase (and men) are fed up to the point of  pulling their support and they’re taking their concert ticket money with them.

 Huff Post is reporting that the “R& B singer has had to cancel multiple tour dates, reportedly due to low ticket sales.”  TRN checked Ticketmaster’s website and found three concert dates have been canceled–two concerts in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana and a third  in Dallas, Texas.  The website doesn’t give details as to why the concert is canceled, but Huff Post is saying its fall out from a scathing report last month about Kelly’s connection to an alleged sex cult.

TRN brought you the story last month of accusations that Kelly is Brainwashing Women in Sex Cult  after Buzzfeed broke the story in an article saying  “R. Kelly has been accused of “brainwashing” at least two aspiring female singers into sexual servitude in his homes in Chicago and Atlanta…”

Buzzfeed reporters  talked with the families of both women who claim that “Kelly preyed upon the women using physical and verbal abuse.”  A  Rolling Stone article also says that the “Bump & Grind” singer “keeps at least six women, all of legal age, on a pair of his properties. There, he dictates what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep and how they engage in sexual encounters, which he reportedly records.”

A third woman reportedly confirmed the sex cult type allegations saying she was once a part of his entourage and that they couldn’t even eat without his permission; “You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom … [Kelly] is a master at mind control. … He is a puppet master“.

As the story blew up on news sites and social media, Kelly’s legal team tried to shore up the flood of negative publicity by issuing a statement to Buzzfeed–“We can only wonder why folks would persist in defaming a great artist who loves his fans, works 24/7, and takes care of all of the people in his life. He works hard to become the best person and artist he can be. It is interesting that stories and tales debunked many years ago turn up when his goal is to stop the violence; put down the guns; and embrace peace and love. I suppose that is the price of fame. Like all of us, Mr. Kelly deserves a personal life.”

And one of the women who was believed to be in the alleged sex cult came to his defense.  A 21-year old named Jocelyn denied the story of being “brainwashed” after her parents held a news conference and made the allegations.  Joycelyn said, “I’m 21, I’m about to be 22 in a few days and I just mainly want to say that I am in a happy place with my life and I’m not being brainwashed or anything like that. It just came to a point where it definitely has got out of hand. I’m totally fine. I’m happy where I’m at and everything is OK with me.’

The concert ticket sales may have been slow for the three venues that canceled before the sex cult allegations, but Huff Post sites another news source (TMZ) which claims that Kelly’s first concert canceled right after the story broke.  The site also says “reviews of the show on Ticketmaster were also highly negative” due to the singer being an hour late and performing on stage for less than an hour.”

Kelly isn’t commenting publicly on the canceled concerts, but this video of him calling the “sex cult” allegations a load of “crap” did pop up on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Kelly assures his Eastcoast fans that he will make his scheduled concerts which are booked thru the early part of October on the Ticketmaster site.

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    Shawn J.

    August 3, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again: pray for him. He needs it

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    August 1, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    The pied pedophile of piss continues to physically, mentally and emotionally abuse young black women. R Kelly needs to be castrated! #BoycottRKelly

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