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R. Kelly Says His Home Was Cleaned Out By Thieves: Celebrity Wrap Up

R. Kelly Says His Home Was Cleaned Out By Thieves: Celebrity Wrap Up


by Ms. Black Hollywood

No Laughing Matter   Comedian Hannibal Buress had no jokes as he was handcuffed and arrested over the weekend in Miami.  A quick thinking bystander caught it all on his cellphone as Buress could be heard arguing with two Miami officers over the arrest asking “Am I under arrest? For what?” The Miami P.D. answered that questioned on social media…

A local Miami news station aired the cellphone video of Buress being taken into custody…

In addition to stand-up, Buress was becoming a more familiar face to audiences with acting roles like in the movie “Spider Man: Homecoming”.  But  Buress is best known as the comic who spotlighted rumors about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual allegations lead to the senior comedian’s downfall.  Police records show Buress was released from the Miami-Dade jail about four hours after his arrest once he paided bail.
R. Kelly Victim of Repeated Burglaries R. Kelly has been catching quite a beat down on social media in recent months after stories of sex slaves led to some of his concerts being canceled.  But social media is where the singer turned after his Atlanta home was burglarized.  Kelly took Facebook followers on a tour of the home and described how the thieves were people he’s known for 25-30 years…

A devastated Kelly still mustered a “thank you to fans” for supporting him through what’s been a trying time for him in recent months.  Prior to the last burglary, Kelly reported similar crimes at two of his other homes near Atlanta.  Entertainment news site The Jasmine Brand says, “An associate of the Grammy-Award winning singer broke into the homes he rents on Old Homestead Trail and at Saints Devon Crossing. The associate is said to have stolen several items and then sold them to the highest bidder.”  The article continues saying, “Among the items missing were a 79-inch TV, lamps, sofas, a leather recliner and bar stools, and a “diamond-encrusted” hooded sweatshirt.”

Police were reportedly looking for a suspect apparently identified as being behind the robberies.