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Rachel Dolezal-“I’m Trans-Black & Bisexual” & Now an Author



by G. Brown

It’s healthy to switch things up every now and then. For instance, experts encourage switching your your watch  to the opposite wrist as an exercise to stimulate your brain.  Switching up your home-to-work route could keep you safe if someone is stalking you and too familiar with your routine. Small changes are good, but Rachel Dolezal seems to skip small and goes straight for Grand Canyon sized changes.

The woman we first met when her ‘Black woman living inside a White woman’s body’ bubble burst into an embarrassing mess is back with a new lease on life and the book to prove it.

Dolezal’s life was splashed across national headlines when it was discovered that the woman who headed up her local NAACP and lived as a successful Black woman fighting for the cause was actually a White woman.  Once the secret was out, it caused a lot controversy, self-reflection and denial.  Now Dolezal has a new declaration.   She says she would define herself  this way, “…If I was allowed a more complex term, I would say I’m a pan-African, pro-Black, bisexual, mother, activist, artist…“. Dolezal continues explaining that title is too long so she’s come up with a way to condense all the adjectives to describe who she is, “...I do like the term trans-Black that Melissa Harris Perry suggested because it does kinda cover the “I wasn’t born this way but this is who I really am” component.

Dolezal is talking about race again as she tours the country to drum up sales for her book In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World,  Dolezal said in an interview with that her book doesn’t really delve fully into the topic of her bisexuality, but she does touch on it saying,”I mean the focus isn’t necessarily my sexual orientation for this book, but I think that you know I mean, I am fluid in my sexuality. You know, people ask me all the time, “Oh, does she only date only Black men?” or something. I guess it is kind of like out there. And I’ve dated women and men, Black and white, and, and Native. So, love is love.

Dolezal says the lie she lived has cost her financially and personally, but she has come full circle and still has one goal—activism.  She wants to use this book to change America.  Dolezal says, “ I think it’s undisputed that there’s still a lot of favor towards people who identify as white in Western societies and there’s still a stranglehold on power and privilege, by white people and I hope that my book challenges that. I hope that people kind of think twice about just the very idea that white is more beautiful, or more superior or smarter or better.

Dolezal adds that she’s gotten a lot of opposition from White supremacist and has been accused of “committing white genocide”.  She says on the other side of the spectrum, a lot of  Blacks “misunderstood” her because of the way her story went public and “it pricked a lot of nerves“. In spite of it all, Dolezal still sees herself as a White/Black savior who can bridge the great racial divide.

Pretty optimistic from a woman who was accused of taking “cultural appropriation” to the stratosphere of “race appropriation” and is still doing so.  Dolezal is looking to make a buck on being Black, when Black people aren’t able to make money for being Black.

What do you think….is Dolezal just misunderstood and truly wants to help both Blacks and Whites accept each other? Or is she just spinning her same old story into a brand new hustle?

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