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Racist Fan lashes Out Over Beyonce’s Braids: “I didn’t Pay For Beyquisha”






Boa9paxIEAAjUSrQueen of the lace front always seems to keep it versatile when her hair is concerned. She’s rocked long, short, brown, blonde, but recently pictures have surfaced on Instagram of the celebrity wearing cornrows. The picture includes Beyonce wearing long blonde cornrow braids which all fall to one side.

For the past year, braids have been explosive in the world of fashion and entertainment. For many African American women braids serve as a protective style and is a great alternative to damaging chemicals and processed hair. Many celebrity women are seen on the red carpet wearing box braids, up-dos, and special occasion styles.

But one fan took their disdain for Beyonce’s braids a little too far. “I hope she takes those braids out before the concert, I didn’t pay for Beyquisha” says one fan. Of course, this comment insinuates that braids are urban and ghetto and the fan want to see the more “traditional” Beyonce. Other fans began criticizing the way she tilts her head in the photo, blaming her braids for being too heavy.

According to research, Cornrow braids originated sometime around 500 B.C and were widespread in Africa. says, “The cornrow has a long and literally winding history that roams across countries, cultures and centuries. Braids have made appearances on the heads of men and women throughout history, indicating everything from utility to glamour, social status to ethnicity, marital status to even religious affiliation.” How in the world can something so ancient be seen as ghetto?

Sometimes the ignorance of people can be very cruel. But, this has not stopped Beyonce who has not released a statement or spoken out against the fan and still wears her braids confidently. After all this “fan” claims that she paid $1200 to go to her concert. Who is really winning here?

What do you think of Beyonce’s hair and the comment made by the fan?


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