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Racist Twitter Trolls Target “Black Panther” Movie Debut

Racist Twitter Trolls Target “Black Panther” Movie Debut


by G. Brown,

“Black Panther” was poised to be a box office mega hit…and some racists just couldn’t handle it. So they jumped on Twitter Friday as “Black Panther” opened nationwide and began circulating “fake news” about being attacked at theaters by mobs of Black peopl…

Well, they tried it.  The racist trolls may have swayed a few mindless people, but most movie goers weren’t here for their nonsense.  Not only did “Black Panther” receive rave reviews from movie goers opening weekend, it’s also bringing in big bank.

According to Box Office Mojo “Black Panther” delivered the “fifth largest opening of all-time, heading toward $235M” plus in its four day holiday debut. The site also estimates a worldwide box office gross of $404 million and ranks the move #1 at more than four thousand theaters.  Sorry racist trolls.

It wasn’t just trolls, but a number of theaters mysteriously reported “technical issues” and couldn’t show the movie.  A theater in South Carolina couldn’t (or wouldn’t) accommodate fans who wanted to see the movie claiming problems with showing it.  And in Atlanta, Regal Atlantic Station fans waiting to see the movie instead reportedly were shown   “Fifty Shades Freed” which did not go over well…

All the sabotage and diabolical racist plotting was for nought.  The movie still had a major box office premiere.  The twitter trolls were banned from the platform and Black and White fans still enjoyed the movie.  As far as those games played by theaters, Disney should step in and refuse to allow them to show future Disney films…like Marvel’s next big franchise installments coming up in May and July.

The best thing about all this racist rhetoric is that it didn’t have any impact.  It just showed a few racists for who they really are,but pretty sure people who know them already knew that.

And the best thing of in all this…a few people who didn’t even care about “Black Panther” have now decided that any movie causing this kind of uproar might worth seeing after all.  So. good job racist trolls and theater owners. Take the “L” racist twitter trolls…you earned it.