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Racist Rants Turn Twitter Into the New Civil War Battleground




by G. Brown

Actor Jeffrey Wright always brings his “A” game whether he is playing the villainous drug dealer on the wrong side of Samuel L. Jackson’s lead in 2000’s “Shaft”, civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King mobilizing masses to action in 2001’s “Boycott” or making us believe that a robot named Bernard has more humanity than most humans in HBO’s “Westworld”.

Wright’s career has spanned almost three decades and has earned him Golden Globes, Tony Awards and AFI honors as Actor of the Year.   But it’s not just on the big screen that Wright brings that mesmerizing ‘A’ game, he also brings it on social media.  As an SJW(social justice warrior) Wright is very vocal about politics and injustices.  His outspokenness often makes him the target of a lot of hate.  Take this weekend for instance …

Actors like Wright are always targets of racist rants by people who hide behind a false patriotism and try to dismiss the targets as has-beens or less intelligent.  None of which applies to the actor in question, but shows what any person of color endures on social media for daring to speak up. And it applies to any actor standing up against injustice against difference races, religions and genders. Actors like Chris Evans(“Captain America”, “The Avengers”) Ron Perlman(“Hell Boy”) Alyssa Milano (“Charmed”) Bette Midler and Cher have all been targeted for their liberal views.

The Wright attack may have coincided with yet another racist weekend tirade by Trump attacking Congressman Elijah Cummings home district of Baltimore calling it “crime-ridden” and “rodent-infested”. The district is overwhelmingly Black.

The vitriol is hate at its worst and enough to drive you off social media most days.  But this weekend’s typical racist free for all brought another unexpected dimension began trending on Twitter …

What had been the silent majority finally coalesced after Trump’s latest volley of attacks intended to mobilize his base.  Instead, Trump mobilized all those White voters who are sick of his rhetoric.  One person asked, “why do I have to tell the world I’m not racist-it shouldn’t be assumed that all White people are racist”.  It shouldn’t be, but that’s what the world has come to. Times demand people make their voices heard in the battle against sexism and misogyny thanks to the MeToo campaign…so why should a battle against racism be any different?

Kudos to all those people like Kassandra Seven who posted “ is trending and I love it. There are too many white people that deny racism is even a problem. We must be louder than them because they are wrong.”

Stand up for something America, or you’ll fall for anything–even a con-man willing to divide the United States with a race war if it means he’ll win re-election.



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    Shawn J.

    July 30, 2019 at 6:16 pm


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    NBA is fixed

    July 29, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    First, the white race can not survive without racism. Second, as I previously stated, Trump is constantly sending racist tweets because he wants all of America to focus on racism. The President does not want us to focus on his relationship with the serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Trump’s racist rants are prevalent, abundant and obvious. Those rants are also being used to distract from a huge problem; the problem of American pedophilia. #AnOpenSecret #LolitaExpress

    PS: Former President Bill Clinton is also involved in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal

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