Home Celebrities Rapper LL Cool J Comes to the Defense of Maia Campbell After Guy Posts Video of Her Begging for Drugs
Rapper LL Cool J Comes to the Defense of Maia Campbell After Guy Posts Video of Her Begging for Drugs

Rapper LL Cool J Comes to the Defense of Maia Campbell After Guy Posts Video of Her Begging for Drugs


by G. Brown

This story shows us two sides of human nature. One is the despicable, disgusting side of  man who thinks it’s funny to laugh at the misfortune of a former star.  The other is the side is portrayed by LL Cool J who saw the video posted of his former co-star begging for drugs and stepped up to ask fans to help him help her.

Maia Campbell was the beautiful young woman who co-starred with LL, Debbie Allen and Alfonso Ribeiro in the 1995  “In the House”.  The show wasn’t a big hit, but it kept a loyal audience for four years after premiering on NBC before moving to UPN for it’s final seasons.  The show introduced American audiences to Maia Campbell who’s beauty and talent helped her land a Young Artist Award the first year of the show and along with her cast members pushed the show to snag an Emmy nomination.

Campbell’s career showed  a lot of promise with her also starring along side Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur in John Singleton’s  film”Poetic Justice”.

Then, her career and life took a turn for the worst as a rumored drug addiction robbed her of roles, money, even custody of her daughter.

Over the weekend, video was taken of Campbell where many often see her on the streets of Atlanta, asking random men if she can do sexual favors in return for drugs.  One young man she approached thought it would be funny to video her and post it on Youtube.

Most viewers found taking advantage of a Campbell who aside from a drug problem has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as anything but funny.  The comment section is filled with contempt for the man who posted this.











Campbell’s already heart breaking story seemed to dive deeper into despair with the 2006 death of her mom, Bebe Campbell–a best-selling novelist and journalist.  She was only 56-years old when brain cancer claimed her life.  The reverberation of her tragic death continues to ripple through the life of her daughter Maia who seems to have no one who cares about her now.  But there is…

Rapper turned actor LL was one of countless people who got wind of the video over the weekend.  LL is now asking fans to help him find his former co-star and he had harsh words for the young man who posted the video.








Glad to see LL step up, but what took so long?  It’s been common knowledge that Campbell was in trouble since she appeared on life coach lyanla Vanzant’s  “Iyanla: Fix My Life” show in 2012.  It seems like all of Hollywood turned its back on her.  But this isn’t just a Hollywood problem–it’s a heart problem when Black people have so little concern for another Black person who is hurting.  The young man made another video to respond to all the critics trying to spin his action as a cautionary tale to others about the devastation of drugs.  But nobody’s buying that load of nonsense and most see him for what he truly is—an opportunist trying to cash in with a trending video.  Selling the dignity of others for 15 seconds of a trending video. How can this young man be so insensitive, so bereft of just human kindness and compassion that he would post the video of someone suffering through life.  Parents used to teach children not to laugh at others, the Bible says not to rejoice at the misery of others.  But Karma might be what this young man most want to be wary of.  Life has a way bringing back what we put out there.One day he might be down and out and somebody with a phone puts him on blast for others to laugh at.

What do you think….was it ok for this guy to post video of Campbell?  Do you think it will help deter anybody from using drugs like the poster claims?