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Rapper T.I. Says We Have to Find a Strategy to Combat White Supremacy Insanity



by G. Brown,

These are the times that try Black men and women’s soul—if we can paraphrase Thomas Paine’s words from 1776.  Paine wrote those words as the opening statements in his pamphlets “The American Crisis”…almost 250 years later, that title couldn’t be more relevant.

Since last week’s deadly Charlottesville Virginia protest by White supremacists and nationalists, the nation has been bubbling over on the issue of racism.   Rapper T.I. has something…well, a lot to say on the issue.

T.I. was one of several panelists to take part in a town hall discussion type round-table at Atlanta’s The Gathering Spot.  The panel listened to concerns and questions from the audience and talked about the current atmosphere of racism and hatred in the U.S.

T.I. said “I think everyone should have the freedom that is granted by the Constitution…however, we can only fight one fight at a time. We all on the side of right and equality. This the fight in front of us right now. We can’t lose focus and say, ‘we need to be fighting for this too.’ We can’t ignore the gift of today by thinking about the fight of tomorrow. This is not any disrespect, but this affects everybody.

T.I. continued saying, “This country was stolen…“It’s stolen property. We have to understand the psyche of what we’re dealing with. It’s as insane as someone stealing your car and when you see them they lock the car doors and say, ‘No, you can’t get in here.’ These are the same people who were immigrants themselves. They weren’t American. You can’t ignore the horrible truth that is happened which led to the horrible truths that are happening now. All of it is relative. They came over here and stole this property and had their own selfish agendas. They called it the land of the free and immigrants came for the American dream. But they didn’t expect Africans, Mexicans, Dominicans coming to America and being raised in the same schools with White kids. They feel as if their race is being diluted and they’re going to Charlottesville with Tiki torches. This is the insanity of the people we’re dealing with. They are drowning and grabbing for anything. We have to find a strategy that will combat this buffoonery. We’re trying to make sense of it, but this is insanity.”

As for how Donald Trump responded to the Charlottesville protest in his news conference by taking the blame off white supremacists and neo-Nazis, T.I. says “f**k him”…

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  1. Johnny B. Fleming II

    August 23, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    If you knew how this country became the country it is today Black on Black Criminology would cease……. The sanctity necessary to perpetuate Our New World Afreeqhan Agenda Would Rise To Success…….P.S. THE AFREEQHAN STATE OF BEING HAS BEEN LEFT TO THE WOMEN WERE THE HEADS OF THE HOUSEHOLDS AFTER MOST OF US ARRIVED TO EARTH/AMERICA…….THEY CONTROLLED THE MONEY:THE FOOD:THE EDUCATION THAT HAS QEPT US BACK OR PROPELLED US FORWARD(move 2-9-20-3-8-19 get out of the way or qeyeep moving positevly forstering a better future…….)

  2. hasen

    August 20, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    black has no standing at law

  3. hasen

    August 20, 2017 at 11:11 pm

  4. :Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:Eil(R)(c)TM

    August 20, 2017 at 11:10 pm Caveat to: BLACK Professional People, Black Athletes, Black Entertainers, Black Educators, Black Public Officials. You WILL publish Your SF-181 you do NOT get an Exemption you are NOT Special!!! You will NOT do an SF-181 keep it SECRET from the PUblic YOUR FANS while you masquerade you are on the same level as them!!! IF YOU WANT TRUE CHANGE ON THE PLANET YOU MUST START TELLING YOUR FANS THE TRUTH!!!

  5. Shawn J.

    August 19, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    First we pray; then God (will) let us know what to do about these situations

  6. Nyabinghi Djehutti

    August 19, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    It is natural to take a snapshot in time and believe that people are incapable of change, especially when the same behavior has been perpetuated for decades and even centuries. However, change requires the right catalyst. Enlightenment is the catalyst for change in human behavior and culture.

    It is just as easy to think that the behavior of white supremacists represents all white people and is inherent as it is to think that the behavior of gang-banging, homicidal, inner-city blacks represents all black people and will never change. BOTH assessments are wrong and both require the same solution: Enlightenment.

    The difficulty is not in knowing the solution, but rather how to implement it. People can be hard headed and don’t want to learn or change their disposition, including those who think that others are incapable of change. This is the biggest obstacle. However, the world’s oldest civilizations have precipitated cannons of enlightenment and parables to facilitate comprehension, as well as, lessons for those who would desire to be teachers and bringers of light, the later being most important in determining methodology.

    Compassion, empathy, insight, communication skills, and the unwillingness to cave in to violence are all prerequisite abilities of those who would bring about change. Most importantly, the ability to keep the faith in non-violent strategy is paramount. Trust and believe that violence only brings about long lasting hate and resentment with retaliatory violence that never ends until all the people who succumb to it are dead and the only who remain are those who have learned the hard way that violence is to be avoided at all costs.

    If one wants to change others, they first must change themselves into a true vessel of enlightenment. You must be the change you seek. Emulating your enemy is folly.

  7. Nyabinghi Djehutti

    August 19, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    For years, well decades, I’ve found it puzzling how obsessed this nation has been with fighting so-called terrorists abroad with such extreme violence, expense, and so-called collateral damage, while African-Americans have managed to coexist with the very same terrorist organizations that have been terrorizing blacks since reconstruction, whose members permeate all facets of society. Even though the last “documented” lynching was reported in 1985 in Mobile, AL, white supremacists still continue to thrive uncontested and kill black people, especially in prisons, all across the nation and black people are expected to just accept it, nonviolently.

    It is important to note that white supremacy is not about hate. It is about power and the use of violence to enforce and secure it. They only hate the those who have the audacity to contest and deny them that power and those uppity non-whites who refuse to “know their place.” Thus hate is a reaction to the resistance to white supremacy, not the motivation of it. This is why most white supremacists say they don’t hate anybody and claim that the term “hate group” is a misnomer, which it actually is and a red herring that obfuscates the real issues to be addressed. If anything, they hate the situation of powerlessness in which they find themselves and, not knowing it’s cause, they have been taught to errantly blame non-whites.

    Only properly exposing unbridled capitalism as an economic system of oppression will bring to light a solution that enables every hard working American to live the quality of life they deserve to have in America. Because the root causes of racism (economic oppression by the elite 1% and their use of genetic recessiveness to define “white people” as a means to divide and conquer the masses) have yet to be acknowledged and addressed in this country, I am not at all surprised by the rise of white nationalism. The number of white supremacist militia groups have increased exponentially and they have been training for multiple generations to go to war when the opportunity presents itself. So, when Trump said that he was going to “Make America great again,” he was issuing a coded message to those who desired to revert America back to when the oppression of blacks created the profit margins necessary for most white people to thrive. He basically emboldened white supremacists, who voted for him because they thought that a business mogul would be best qualified to do that, regardless of his questionable morals.

    Trump says that violence was committed on “both sides,” but he fails to consider that America shows no restraint when it comes to committing violence when confronting terrorists, even when those terrorists happen to be behaving peacefully. Under the command of the POTUS, armed forces and drones kill suspected terrorists, their family members, and innocent bystanders with no remorse. So can one really blame African-Americans for emulating their own country’s accepted method of dealing with terrorism?

    The news outlets are taking Trump to task for “equating” the KKK and neo-nazis to those who protest against them. However, they are, perhaps inadvertently, obfuscating the situation. Yes, it is true that those counter-protesting the white nationalists lost their temper and caved in to violence. However, pointing that out does not equate the ideologies of the two groups.

    I firmly believe that violence begets endless cycles of violent reciprocation. However, since the assassination of MLK, successive generations black people are losing their faith and patience when it comes to nonviolent protest as racism persists in America. It is easy, for those who have never experienced it, to underestimate the amount of spiritual strength and restraint that is required when confronted by the taunting of racists, who are prepared to respond violently to the aggressive reaction they are trying to provoke.

    While taking on this challenge of violence to bring about a reversal of socioeconomic power in America and put and end to white supremacy could be tempting for frustrated, long-suffering black people, they would be underestimating how prepared white supremacists are to commit genocide to prevent it. Though it may seem right to fight so-called evil with violence, it is actually the spirit of evil that inspires violence and infects those who cave in to reciprocating violence, and when this happens, evil has truly won.

    This is why those who know better must be vigilant. Knowledge is key, but spiritual cultivation is prerequisite. Spiritual cultivation not only gives strength to resist the use of violence, but also gives light to dispel opposing ideologies of injustice and inequity. Humanity must be cultivated and maintained through generations. All other societal pursuits are necessarily secondary.

  8. Lady

    August 19, 2017 at 7:12 am

    I agree. Do you have a plan? What should we do first? Should we start by loving the skin we are in and honoring our community first and start the clean up their before looking for outside help? Tell us your plan so we can make a change.

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