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Rapper T.I. Says We Have to Find a Strategy to Combat White Supremacy Insanity


by G. Brown,

These are the times that try Black men and women’s soul—if we can paraphrase Thomas Paine’s words from 1776.  Paine wrote those words as the opening statements in his pamphlets “The American Crisis”…almost 250 years later, that title couldn’t be more relevant.

Since last week’s deadly Charlottesville Virginia protest by White supremacists and nationalists, the nation has been bubbling over on the issue of racism.   Rapper T.I. has something…well, a lot to say on the issue.

T.I. was one of several panelists to take part in a town hall discussion type round-table at Atlanta’s The Gathering Spot.  The panel listened to concerns and questions from the audience and talked about the current atmosphere of racism and hatred in the U.S.

T.I. said “I think everyone should have the freedom that is granted by the Constitution…however, we can only fight one fight at a time. We all on the side of right and equality. This the fight in front of us right now. We can’t lose focus and say, ‘we need to be fighting for this too.’ We can’t ignore the gift of today by thinking about the fight of tomorrow. This is not any disrespect, but this affects everybody.

T.I. continued saying, “This country was stolen…“It’s stolen property. We have to understand the psyche of what we’re dealing with. It’s as insane as someone stealing your car and when you see them they lock the car doors and say, ‘No, you can’t get in here.’ These are the same people who were immigrants themselves. They weren’t American. You can’t ignore the horrible truth that is happened which led to the horrible truths that are happening now. All of it is relative. They came over here and stole this property and had their own selfish agendas. They called it the land of the free and immigrants came for the American dream. But they didn’t expect Africans, Mexicans, Dominicans coming to America and being raised in the same schools with White kids. They feel as if their race is being diluted and they’re going to Charlottesville with Tiki torches. This is the insanity of the people we’re dealing with. They are drowning and grabbing for anything. We have to find a strategy that will combat this buffoonery. We’re trying to make sense of it, but this is insanity.”

As for how Donald Trump responded to the Charlottesville protest in his news conference by taking the blame off white supremacists and neo-Nazis, T.I. says “f**k him”…