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Reel Serious: Michael Brown’s Death Sends Black Community Into Uproar




As African American people strive every day to accomplish goals that society tells them that they may never reach, this one question always sits in the back of their minds: when will brown bodies be seen as valuable rather than useless and harmful?

For years our people have been terrorized and treated like animals, but we were under the impression that we had made a tad bit of progress. That “tad bit” goes out of the window each time we learn of the death of another brown body at the hands of the men and women that are supposed to be protecting us.

A policeman in Ferguson, Mo. shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in cold blood on Saturday, and left the young man’s body in the street for hours.

Brown was walking home when the police confronted him. He was unarmed and had his hands in the air, but the police officer still found a reason to see him as a threat and fired several shots at the teenager.

Now the people of Ferguson are in an uproar. They have set up peaceful riots and protests, but the Ferguson police have caused everything but peace as they try to defend themselves against the people who want justice for Brown’s death.

As a result of these protests and rallies, more citizens have been shot—some even fatally.

When will it end?

Word of Brown’s death has spread like wildfire, and even celebrities are upset about yet another unarmed African American teen being killed by those who were put in a position to keep us safe.

Rapper Young Jeezy tweeted on Saturday: “Michael “mike mike” brown may he rest in peace. This gotta stop! Shooting unarmed children. What happen to protecting and serving?”

And television personality T.J. Holmes tweeted on Monday: “The question now is whether America is prepared to do something massively…about the great problem we face in the area of race.” #MLK

People everywhere are outraged at knowing for a fact that these policemen do not get the punishment that they deserve for stealing the lives of innocent Black children.

To some extent we all represent the Trayvon Martins, Michael Browns, Renisha McBrides, and all other brown lives that have been cut short.

My people are not safe anymore, and all we really do have is one another.

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