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Reel Serious: Michael Strahan receives Death Threat




What did I tell you? Is it stalker season or is it stalker season?  Now these homeless people are targeting any celebrity –not just beautiful women like Sanaa Lathan or Rihanna – but even football retirees like legendary Michael Strahan. This bum isn’t claiming to be a love interest or threatening to bum-rush him in his home, this guy’s got balls:  He’s threatening to kill him!

This guy is a real nut-case, he went from accusing his lawyer that he’s part of the illuminati, to accusing ABC studios that “they control his mind.” Strahan might’ve been in some serious danger here (not that Lathan and Rihanna were any more safe).

So this 25-year old homeless man, Andre Johnson was taken into court after the accusation of threatening to kill Michael Strahan.  However, instead of cooperating with this lawyer, he demands a new one because apparently the lawyer is part of the secret organization called the “illuminati.”  For those who want to defend this guy from the crazy label, it doesn’t help that he was shouting random outbursts or the fact that he couldn’t be silenced or contained.  The judge felt no choice but to hit him with a mental competency exam. How does this crazy guy respond?

Well according to Johnson lashed out with “This is Bull****, n****r!!” Like I said, balls…

What exactly was his beef with Strahan?

Nothing, actually. The creep confessed that he wanted to gain access to ABC studios because he wanted to kill Strahan due to ABC Studio mind control.  “They control my mind. They make me want to kill (Stahan) with a 2.5 knife I bought from Kmart,” the post said.

He then was charged with three counts of attempted assault.

These cases have been becoming popular lately.  I just hope that god-forbid one of these crazy don’t become successful in their attempts to assassinate these celebrities.

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