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The Definition of Funny: Anthony Anderson




Of all of the witty and talented actors and actresses there are to keep up with, Anthony Anderson has never dimmed his light or lost his touch. He is still as funny now as he was in 1995 when he first began.

His career is proof that he is passionate about what he does and successful in doing so. From starring in movies alongside actors and actresses such as Vivica A. Fox and Jim Carrey, to gaining a recurring role in the hit show Law & Order, Anderson always give his fans good entertainment, and from the looks of it he’s not stopping anytime soon.

At 43, Anderson has already starred in more television shows and movies than many actors who are in their prime. He can be found in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Bernie Mac Show as well as NYPD Blue and My Wife and Kids.

You can also find him in Transformers, Scream 4, Hustle & Flow, Two Can Play That Game among many other films.He began acting as a teenager attending the High School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, Calif. While pursuing his education there, he won first place in the NAACP’s ACTSO awards with a monologue from The Great White Hope. That monologue also earned him a scholarship to Howard University.

While attending college, Anderson met his college sweetheart who is now his wife. They have two children together, and they currently reside in Los Angeles.2549

With such a busy life and career, it is normal for one to wonder how he has time for anything else. On top of acting and family, Anderson is also an active advocate for diabetes awareness because he was diagnosed with it in 2002.

Not only is Anderson an actor, but a motivator as well. Catch him on NBC’s Law & Order and also as a guest judge on Iron Chef.

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