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Revelations of Painful Childhood In James Brown’s daughters Novel “Cold Sweat”




James Brown may have been considered “hardest working man in show business,” and may have been one of the greatest music icons of all time. However, when it came to family life, he was the hardest man to deal with.

Yamma Brown penned her autobiography called ‘Cold Sweat’ revealing the abuse that James Brown caused on her family. Usually in the autobiographies of celebrity children, we get an insight of the celebrity through a different and incredibly intimate perspective.

Through the eyes of children, we get to see the celebrities from an intimate and vulnerable view. Many times through painful detail, we see a side of the celebrity we never thought we’d see.  Writer Richard Torres  writes that this tactic is known as the “warts-and-all” syndrome, because despite the horrifying details, the author still has to explain why they still love their parents.

While reading ‘Cold Sweat,’ one could imagine how Yamma Brown could still have love for her father after he would repeatedly beat his wife, DeeDee.  Or the fact that James Brown suffered with a massive amount of egotism (reporting that he once got upset at her and her sister for listening to a Natalie Cole record and not his).  Not to mention that he was a perfectionist to the point that he wouldn’t allow anyone – not even his own kids – see him if he didn’t look his best.

Yamma BrownBrown also talks about the trauma of growing up with an abusive childhood and how it affected her in her future relationships.  Because her mother would be beaten regularly, she eventually accepted that abuse was a way of life.  She talks about how her father wasn’t there for her when she would call for help. Through the abuse and the pressures of show business, Brown gives the reader access behind the scenes of an emotional rollercoaster.  Through her side, we get to see James Brown, flaws and all. Like, share and comment!.

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