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Revenge of the “Empire” Exes: Tasha Smith and Terrence Howard Owe Their Exes a Lump Sum of Money




by Raveen Johnson

It looks like Hollywood exes are taking back what is rightfully theirs, and that is all of the money that they are entitled to as a result of a failed relationship. Who knew that divorces could be ridiculously expensive? Apparently, actress Tasha Smith and actor Terrence Howard were clueless because they are about to empty their pockets all on their former lovers.

Smith was caught in a sticky situation a while back after her ex-husband filed a restraining order against her, claiming that she threatened him and that he did not feel safe around her. They both filed restraining orders against one another, but it seems like Smith got the short end of the stick. On top of being forced to pay her ex, Keith Douglas, $50K this past year, she has now been ordered to pay him $7,000 a month in spousal support.

No one will ever know for sure if Smith was threatening her husband but, if she was, I am sure she wishes she could take that back. On the other hand, who knows what could have been going on in the household to push her to that limit? For Smith to pay that much to Douglas and only receive the family Mercedes out of this entire settlement, you would think that she did some physical damage.

Then you have Terrence Howard’s third ex-wife Michelle Ghent who is legally entitled to 21 percent of anything that Howard earns. He already owes $500K in spousal support and legal fees, but he could not pay that because he was not making enough. We all know now, though, that “Empire” has been doing exceptionally well, and Ghent demands a piece of that pie.

According to Howard’s earnings from the show, Ghent should have a check for $66K with her name on it. That is a great deal of money to receive from a love that was lost. No wonder why they say, “it’s cheaper to keep her.” In Smith’s case, it was cheaper to keep him.

Howard also had a few domestic allegations against him where Ghent took out two restraining orders against him, and he was arrested for an attack on his first wife, Lori, back in 2001. Mind you, Lori gets a piece of whatever pie Howard has as well.

Who knew that being an ex was a full-time job? Share your thoughts.

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