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Rihanna & Drake Reunited and It Feels So Good!



By: Leticia Latrice

Rihanna and Drake Brit Awards Performance of “Work”

Rihanna and Drake reunited and performed at the Brit Awards. The Brit Awards aired on February 24th 2016.  Many celebrities such as Adele, Justin Bieber and Coldplay, won awards and performed. One of the best performances of the night was Rihanna and Drake performing their new hit song “Work”.  Rhianna and Drake are singing together in perfect harmony. You may need a translator to figure out some of Rhianna’s lyrics(lol). It doesn’t matter because “Work” is a feel good hit, with a Caribbean beat that makes you want to dance. It even has celebrities like Gabrielle Union working it.

Gabrielle Union Working it!

It is exciting to see Drake and Rihanna performing the song live together for the first time. In the performance Rhianna and her dancers are killing it with all of their Caribbean moves or what we call these days twerking. The crowd goes wild when Drake comes on stage singing his verse. You can see the amazing chemistry that Drake and Rhianna have when they get up close and personal. They have sung multiple duets in the past on songs like “Take Care” and “What’s My Name”.  It is for sure this dynamic duo can’t be stopped when they collaborate.

The question is, are Rihanna and Drake dating? Many rumors have circulated in the past about them being an item. Drake got into a brawl with Chris Brown at a night club supposedly over Rihanna.  Even though these relationship rumors have come up multiple times, they were short lived and no official relationship came of it. Could Drake and Rhianna have a true love connection or is it just good entertainment? Rihanna recently has been reported to be in a relationship with the new popular rapper Travis Scott who was signed by Kanye West.


Regardless of Rihanna’s relationship status we love the song “Work” and the performance at the Brit Awards was awesome!

Check out the song here!


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