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Rich Dollaz Busted While Eating A Burger: 5 Celebs Arrested For Non-Payment




Maybe it’s not a good idea for celebrities to stay on reality TV for  too long…because it’s looking like they’re starting to emulate reality TV in actual reality.  They get so caught up in the limelight of TV that they forget to take care of their real responsibilities – like child support!  Here are 5 celebrities arrested for non child support payments.

1.) Rich Dollaz

After double parking outside of Edgewater, New Jersey’s HQ, the police discovered that Love and Hip Hop star Dollaz had a warrant out for his arrest while he was making a burger run with his friends at a nearby Five Guys.  Turns out, he owes 11K in child support, and was arrested while still eating his burger.  How embarrassing.

2.) Stevie J

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star  had to post a $25,000 bond after owing more than 1 million dollars in back child support payments!  And the worst part is that he’s been in this predicament before.  He was thrown in jail back in 1997 and 1998 for owing 1,107,412.00 in back child support for the two kids he had with ex-girlfriend Carol Bennett.   You’d think he’d learn by now!

3.) Bobby Brown

After spending only three days in jail after owing $20,000 in back child support, for his four kids from four different women, the D.C. radio station bailed him out in exchange for several appearances and interviews.  Not a bad trade!

4.) Chief Keef

Though he’s not a reality star, he still fits into the category of deadbeat dads.  An arrest warrant was issued after he failed to appear in court in regards to the $10,000 he owes in back child support that he owes for his 17 month old daughter.

5.) Shawty Lo

While Shawty Lo claims he was never arrested for child support, all the evidence is on the contrary.  He was about to have his own reality show called “All My Babies Mamas” where he boasted about taking care of his 11 kids, until his show was canceled.  He says he was arrested for supporting the streets, but come on, Lo – that’s a lot of kids!

Hopefully these celebrities can face the REAL reality – you have to take care of your kids!

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