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Rick Ross Says “Yeezy, Played Y’all Ni***s as Kanye Meets with Trump



by TRN Staff Writers,

main-kanye-mainKanye West didn’t exactly look better after spending more than a week under psychiatric care, but he does look a lot blonder.  The “College Drop Out” rapper was placed on psychiatric watch at UCLA Medical Center after having a very public meltdown while performing in concert.  In part of his onstage rant Kanye said, “I’ve been sent here to give y’all my truth, even at the risk of my own life…At the risk of my own success. I’ll give y’all the truth. Jay Z, call me, you still ain’t called me .… Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.” Days later, Kanye was admitted for the psych eval.

download-7Fast forward to Tuesday, December 13, just days after West was released and  he’s back on the grind with meetings including this tête-à-tête with president elect Donald Trump in New York.  TMZ’s video show the two men as they exit the elevator  at Trump Tower where they stroll right into the path of awaiting cameras and pause for a photo opp.  When asked how long have you been friends, Trump answers, “A long time“.  And when asked “What did you discuss?” Trump again answers with “Life.” Kanye stood for the  most part looking like a deer caught in headlights, but after about a minute he manages to smile as he mumbles something to the camera right before Trump gives him a quasi one arm hug/come this way towards the door embrace. Then a big, ostentatious,  brother handshake (you know the kind with some English on it)  and Kanye was out.

So the biggest question isn’t what did these two have to talk about, but how the hell did a man a week out of the psych unit get security clearance to talk with the president-elect?  Kind of leaves you wondering just how real was Kanye’s mental meltdown?

imagesWell, if you ask Rick Ross he’d probably answer with ‘what Kanye meltdown?’  The MMG boss said recently while in the Big Apple himself, “One time for Yeezy…My homie a genius. For everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y’all ni**as.”   Not sure if Ross was joking or covering for Kanye, but it is curious that a man comes straight out of the psych unit and jumps back into business as usual including a meeting with the president elect.

Trump’s vague answer of ‘we were discussing life’ doesn’t lend itself to any transparency as to what game they may be playing at here. For all we know, Kanye could be announced as the next Trump cabinet pick. Or maybe he was getting some pointers from Trump on how to win the 2020 bid for the White House.

If Kanye is truly a man trying to pick up the pieces and keep moving, power and blessings to ya. But if Ross is right and  all of this is some kind of  publicity stunt, then Kanye should realize that the truth always comes out. And the fans who made you could also destroy you.

What do you think…why the meeting with Trump?  Is Ross right implying that  Kanye is playing a publicity game?

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