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Rihanna’s Heartbreak : 5 Celebs Devastated by Gun Violence

Rihanna’s Heartbreak : 5 Celebs Devastated by Gun Violence


by G. Brown

Singer Rihanna may not have had a strong position for gun control, but a holiday tragedy has added her to the millions of people changed by gun violence.

The singer posted a series of moving snapshots of her with her 21-year old cousin Kaiseen Alleyne.  The photos and cherished memories are all she has left of him after gun violence claimed his life as he was walking home  in Barbados when a man approached him and shot him multiple times before running off. The motive for the shooting is unclear, but the grief the loss has caused for the “Lemon” singer is painfully clear. Rihanna posted…

According to BBC News, Rihanni and her cousin spent Christmas together powerless to know that it would be their last.  Alleyne would be dead less than 24 later. The singer has ended her posts with the hashtag #endgunviolence.

The anguish Rihanni is enduring has been endured by millions others who lives were shattered by the blast of a bullet.  Gun violence doesn’t strike only in the lives of ordinary people, but has repeatedly caught up celebs in its irrational wake.  Here are four other celebrities whose lives forever changed because of gun violence.

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Rapper Ice Cube was no where near the internationally celebrated artist and actor he’s known as today, but the scars of gun violence still gnaw at his heart.  Ice Cube was only 12 years old when his half sister was shot and killed by her own husband.  She was 22 at the time and lived just a couple blocks away from the rapper.  Ice Cube said in a 2003 interview with Huffington Post, “I think about my sister a lot. I think about the turn of events that triggered that situation.”



In August of last year, NBA star Dwayne Wade  lost his cousin Nykea Aldridge was killed by a bullet to the head as the 32 year old was pushing her baby in a stroller along a street on Chicago’s South Side.


“Power of Yet” singer Janelle Monae lost her cousin to a drive by shooting in Kansas City around the same time as Wade last year.  Monae’s cousin was reportedly sleeping in her home with her three children when the gunfire pierced their walls and targeted the 38 year old mother.  Her 14 year son made the gruesome discovery that his mom was gone.  Monae tweeted, “The fear of who is next? never leaves.”

Academy Award-winning actress/singer Jennifer Hudson‘s lost devastated a nation back in 2008.  Hudson’s mother, brother and her nephew who was only seven years old were slayed by the hand of someone they called family.  Hudson’s 57 year old mother Darnell Donerson, 7 year old Julian King and 29 year old Jason Hudson were killed by William Balfour who was married to Hudson’s sister. Prosecutors said at his trial that Balfour and Hudson’s sister were estranged and he stalked her and was a very jealous man . Balfour was convicted on three counts of murder and sentenced to a mandatory life sentence.


In Rihanna’s cousin’s murder, police are still looking for the gunman.  His arrest may bring a sense of judicial closure to the case, but for Rihanna and her family, the haunting questions of ‘Why him–why did he have to die?’ can never truly be answered.