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Serena Williams May Be The Most Popular Tennis Player But Is Also The Lowest Paid




By Dana C. Ayres

Well, folks, it happens to us in every walk of life. We do the fabulous work, even garner the well-deserved accolades, but in the end, the paycheck just doesn’t ever seem to match up with it all. According to, Serena Williams is the most popular and most recognized athlete on the planet, but ranks last in the list of Forbes‘ highest paid athletes…47th in all and for some strange reason, she will not demand what others believe she is worth.

To say that racism is the primary reason for Williams’ being systematically overlooked is a huge misconception. According to Forbes‘ list, Floyd Mayweather is the highest-paid athlete in the world earning $285 million in winnings and $15 million in endorsements. The highest-paid tennis player is Roger Federer with $9 million in winnings and $88 million in endorsements. The topper for female tennis players is Maria Sharapova at $6.7 million in winnings and $29 million in endorsements. Williams brings up the rear with $11.6 million in winnings and $13 million in endorsements.

Certain financiers to top athletes attribute this pay disparity to low self-esteem, due to what they describe as “gender and cultural conditioning.” Also, being that every market is a gamble, most advertisers will default to tsurest thing for the¬†highest profits, “a pretty blonde, blue-eyed girl.” As far as Serena getting her fair share out of things, these guys claim that “she’s got that kind of leverage.”

Now, we all love Serena and wish the very best for her, but with her ducketts, technically, I wouldn’t be hurting either.

Serena stated to the New York Times Magazine, “If they want to market someone who is who is White and blonde, that is their choice. I can sit here and say I should be higher on that list because I have won more…I’m happy for her because she worked hard, too. There’s enough at the table for everyone. I also play and represent something much greater than me. I embrace that. I love that. I want that.”

Now, that’s a true champion in my playbook…and she’s priceless! Agree or no? Share your thoughts.


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