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Serena Forced to Resign Wimbledon Match Due to Health Problems




We all know, Tennis superstar, Serena Williams (32) is known for shaking things up during her matches, but this time its clear that she didn’t intend on causing a scene.

Saturday was day 9 of the Wimbledon Championships and Serena and sister, Venus were 3-0 behind in doubles. Prior to Saturday’s match in England, Serena began to feel sick. It’s said that she was stumbling during practices and her vision was somewhat impaired. When the incomparable sisters took a break during the game, medics stepped on to the court to check on Serena. As they checked her vitals, she started to cry. Shortly after, the announcer told the audience that ‘Miss Williams’ would retire for the match.

The 5-time Wimbledon champ took the news very hard after it was confirmed by the medic that she had a virus. Venus stuck by her side, holding her hand as they both walked off the court, where they were playing opponents, Kristina Barrois of Germany and Stefanie Voegele of Switzerland, both doing very well in the Championship so far. Serena Williams was seen the night before leaving the All England Club the night before with manger/boyfriend, Patrick Mouratoglou. Mouratoglou had said that before then, he hadn’t talked to his girlfriend for a couple of days.

ESPN Analyst, Pam Shriver called Williams out for getting back-to-back double faults during the beginning of the match. Williams is known to bring drama to the game of Tennis, but this time it involved something as serious as her health. Shriver also contested that her pronounced illness was an act and that she could have possibly just been faking, but it’s kind of hard to fake the results of a blood pressure test. Why did Serena’s BF say that he hadn’t talked to her in a few days but was spotted with here Friday night… There could be more to to this story.

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