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She Sees Dead People… Literally. 8 Facts About Phaedra Parks




Phaedra Parks is a self-proclaimed Southern Belle who never has an “off moment.” Until recently she seemed to have it all. She maintains a successful law firm, a sturdy family and a role in a successful television franchise.

Here are 8 facts that you may not know about Phaedra Parks:

1. Girlfriend is an entrepreneur.
Parks is the Managing Partner of The Parks Group, P.C., her Atlanta-based law firm that represents a slew of entertainers and athletes. She has two fitness videos that have been incredibly successful on Amazon, and she is soon to release PHINE which focuses on prenatal workouts.

2. She knows how to ride.
We’re talking about riding horses. Parks is a certified equestrian.

3. She is esteemed in her community.
In 2005, Parks was featured in Atlanta magazine as one of Georgia’s Super Lawyers/ Rising Stars. Phaedra also has serves actively with the Gate City Bar Association. This is the oldest African American bar association in Georgia; she was even elected president for a period of time.

4. Phaedra to be the new Judge Judy?

In 2013, there was speculation of Parks receiving her own court show. Though, these allegations proved to be rumors, Bravo has announced Rich People Problems, a show that will document the life of Parks as she mediates problems of Atlanta’s wealthiest people. This show is in development.

5. She is an author.
Last year, Parks released her first book, Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment.

6. Shes loves family.
Parks is married to Apollo Nida. The couple have two boys, Ayden Adonis and Dylan Nida.

7. She sees the best in people.
There is irony that a successful lawyer found love on the other side of the bench. Despite her husband Apollo serving time in prison, it did not stop her from falling in love with him and starting a family. Maybe, it should have, but it did not.

8. Phaedra wants to be Vera Wang.
Last season Parks launched her mortuary business. She says she hopes to be the “Vera Wang of funeral homes”. She explained during an interview. “I am very interested in being the Vera Wang of funerals, so I don’t want to limit my mortician practice to just people. I want to expand it to everything that can be buried,” she declared. “I see pet funerals as the new horizon for funerals and funeral services.”

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