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Should He Or Shouldn’t He: Chris Rock Is Asked to Step Down as Oscar Host By Black Celebrities



By: Evette Champion

Ever since the announcements were made regarding the nominations for an Oscar where the Academy didn’t nominate a single minority for any of the acting categories, many people have been urging for the 2016 Oscars host, Chris Rock, to step down. It appears that Tyrese and 50 Cent are adding their two cents and asking that Rock step down, according to reports from the Hollywood Reporter.

Tyrese took to Instagram to say:

“Chris Rock, do the right thing, make a statement. We’re relying on you to DO the right thing…… There is NO JOKE YOU CAN CRACK TO EVER CHANGE THE WAY WE ALL FEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He then reposted Jada Pinkett-Smith’s video where she said she would be boycotting the Oscars. Here, Tyrese chimed in and said:

“If Andy Cohen of #WWHL was hosting the Oscars and they purposely left out all gays and or homosexuals from being nominated for an #Oscars HE would of stepped down already.”

50 Cent posted an Instagram message earlier in the week where he asked Rock to step down by saying:

“Chris, please do not do the Oscars awards,” he wrote. “You mean a lot man. Don’t do it. Please.”

Do you think it is fair for these celebrities to reach out to Chris Rock and ask him to turn down the honor of hosting the Oscars? There is so much pressure being placed on Chris Rock to step down and make a statement, but have these people ever thought that perhaps Rock is exactly the right person to host—especially now?


Chris Rock has never been one to mince his words and he knows how to get to the issues without being too crash and too inappropriate. Perhaps, if he lends his voice and tells the Academy in such a public and in your face way (you can get any more in your face and talk about an award ceremony than actually speaking for your community at the ceremony that “shuns” them), maybe then you’ll have a desired effect.

What do you think he should do?

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