Home Black History “Sh*thole Countries”, “Black Blood Tainting the Royal Lineage”: What Would MLK Say?
“Sh*thole Countries”, “Black Blood Tainting the Royal Lineage”: What Would MLK Say?

“Sh*thole Countries”, “Black Blood Tainting the Royal Lineage”: What Would MLK Say?


by G. Brown

The headlines for the last few years have been disheartening.  The weekly deaths of young Black males like Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have been replaced by headlines of racial discord like neo Nazi lead protests and presidents referring to certain minority immigrants from certain countries as “sh*tholes”.

This isn’t exclusively an American problem.  American actress Meghan Markle is dealing with racism across the pond after her engagement to British Royal Prince Harry.  Over the weekend another racist social media rant led the to downfall of a woman we never heard of before, but probably won’t forget.  Jo Marney referred to Markle as a “dumb little commoner,” who will “taint” the royal family bloodline with children that will pave the way to a “black king”. Of course once the comments went viral and caused a lot of negative pushback, Marney apologized and said her comments were “taken completely out of context.”  But what about previous posts where she called Black people “ugly”.

Such headlines make it seem as if Martin Luther King’s entire life fighting for racial equality and harmony was in vain.  And you can’t help but wonder what would King say if saw so much racial hatred still pervasively slithering into the lives people half a century after he gave his life for the cause to stop it.

Perhaps King would see little Black girls and boys going to school with little White boys and girls and see that in 50 years since he died, we have made gains.  Maybe he would turn on the TV news and see all races and genders of people reporting unlike the mostly White male dominated medium of his time and think that some change has been made. Perhaps he would see that America has had its first Black president and see equality is getting closer.  Perhaps he would see that he is now commemorated as a national hero and the cause he died for is observed as a holiday and still held as the goal for millions of people who continue the fight…

In spite of all the racial imbalances that still exist in our prisons, our employment and pay, our neighbors,  perhaps King would say we’re making progress.  Perhaps he would say, racial harmony is still a cause worth fighting for. Perhaps he would say that racial equality is so precious a prize that the battle for it is never-ending, because even if it’s attained, you have to keep fighting to retain it.  Perhaps he would say…keep fighting, keep believing even though it looks like we’re going backwards and things seem to be getting worse.  Perhaps he would say, I still have a dream…